my comment to the following article published in WASHINGTON POST

This is  my comment to the following article published in  WASHINGTON POST. I invite every Hindu to write whatever feeling you get after reading the below article and send it to those foolish fellows :

Christianity is not even your religion, you were YOURSELF converted by a desert people’s religion,  The PAGANS, Celts, druids were the original Europeans who had some innate sense of gratitude towards grains, cows,  trees that nourished them but what happened after some middle east macaque had decided to fill through a funnel all those intelligent brains with nonsense like this  “I am the only God , see my beauty, I am the big mystic you should prey ” sort of preaching …what happened after that is nobody’s secret. Any civilised man should abandon this middle east blabbering full of opacity , Vatican POPOCITY.  Already , it is not good and making you lose your natural intelligence ad if you come to India and poison Hindus with this ugly stuff, IT is only natural for us to spit on it as shit ? NO ?   How can someone intelligent sell the “unsalable” book to a people who mastered VEDAS before 5000 YEARS AGO ?You expect that we welcome proselytisers with open arms ?

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