what every Hindu should not do now in this KALI YUGA.

Now is not the time to say truths alone about our own religion. Now we do not have the free atmosphere in INDIA to openly do “self-criticism»; No, we can’t express what is not right with us openly.  Now, whatever you say against Hinduism in the name of “being true to oneself” will only feed  hungry Hyenas like BURKA DUTT, PERUMAL MURUGAN or DIGVIJAY SINGH (the list is so long that I leave it to your imagination to put it on a special face book page ! lol)  roaming around ready to eat whatever they get so that they can finish with the most beautiful way of seeing God : in every atom of his creation or in every living being and in every outer expression of nature in it’s myriad of forms and not in one man , not believe in one man’s words nor getting mad with that obsession of wanting to shape the whole world after one man’s image and dogma based on sin and guiltiness . NOW, WE should say only things that will not serve our enemies’ purpose.  THIS SHOULD BE OUR MANTRA (until a law is passed delinking the VATICAN-INDIAN CHURCH connection and dismantling the foreign funded churches and allowing only 100% local initiatives and banning conversion by coercion and corruption,  When they pay intellectuals , journalists, school teachers, college professors, university head of departments , principals even actors and all those media persons to say what they want them to say, to write what they want them to write, what else should be our strategy other than refraining at least from “auto criticism” not giving them on a plate what they want freely and that too by Hindus ..This would be like a man who wants to pluck sweet mangoes when a swift wind makes them fall in his hands. Don’t ever give them that chance.

IF YOU WANT TO SECURE A SAFTEY WORLD FOR YOUR CHILDREN IN FUTURE AND CREATE A SAFETY INDIA, DISTRIBUTE AND SPREAD THIS DGITTALY OR IN PAPER VERSION. Contact me if you want to add something to the above text. Our objective should be to save our CHILDREN from many sufferings caused by MONTHEISTIC thinking. panindiahindu

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