WE WANT THE BAN OF THIS UGLY BOOK “one part woman ” by PERUMAL MURUGAN sponsored by Christian missionaries in TAMIL NADU to defame Hinduism by treating HINDU MEN as BASTARDS and HINDU WOMEN as prostitutes.
Please MR RAJNATH SINGH , WE SHALL SHOW AN EXAMPLE AND DO SOEMTHING ..WE ARE WITH YOU . DO WHAT IS NEEDED YOUR SWADHARMA. We think are eternal and won 1000 years of invasion and still there…but now it is different : overconfidence begets underestimating of our enemy’s strength that begets our DRAMATIC, DISATROUS AND TRAGIC decline. IN the beginning, we all thought that they are just a few hundred and they will keep quiet, then they multiplied by mass conversion and scientific Joshua project method, we thought still that we are too older and ancient civilization that stood the test of Time and we cannot be won by Mughals so, these people too will fall apart and shatter in to pieces, but after sometime, they tell you not to manifest our joy in the streets during Hindu festivals, then we are shocked. They are everywhere when you go to the market, to the bus stand, to the university, to your children’s school, to your TIRUPATHI , to the toilet in the corner of your street, then you ask yourself of what is really happening ! But, it is perhaps too late for KERALA where drop by drop they trickle in to the pot below and thinking that one drop is not a threat, we let it become an ocean, now we regret; CONCLUSION FOR OTHER INIDAN STATES WHERE THIS MAY HAPPEN SOONER THAN YOU THINK: react at the first drop and nib it in the bud before it grows in to a savage jungle AND SAP THE HINDU cultural root . OVERCONFIDENCE AND UNDERESTIMATING OUR ENEMY ARE OUR TWO DEEPROOTED WEAKNESS. IF Hindus don’t think of their collective interest themselves, then it is not Christian and Muslims who are going to think for them and of them in their place. WE have no other choice than thinking of our OWN COLLECTIVE INTEREST and better our collective well-being. So, when the iron is red hot, now is the time to bend it not when it is too late. Let us not try to be politically correct by saying, “you see, I accept every religion, all are same»; let us not be hypocrite and pretend to be happy with proselytizing and forcible evangelization of Indians. Let us swear to never again be hypocrites and live our lives by equating perfectly our inner voice and outer action. Let us be clear in our thoughts and not feel ashamed of “what others may think if I support homecoming of ex Hindus»!

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