Indians wants to be “English” on the outside while being none inside. It is by recognizing our imperfections that we can get rid of them.

Excerpt from “Bhagavad Gita Demystified BY SWAMI NITHYANDAM:
‘How can you speak if you don’t have karma?’ Nisargadatta Maharaj said straight away, ‘I am not speaking to you!’ He was speaking, yet he said ‘ I am not speaking to you.’ It is very difficult to understand. He continues, ‘Because you wanted me to speak, the speaking is happening through this body. There is nobody inside.’ He was just like a hollow bamboo, when the breeze enters a hollow bamboo, it comes out as music. When you become like a hollow bamboo, whatever words come out of your mouth, become mantra, sacred syllables, your form becomes yantra, the tool of liberation, and your whole life becomes tantra, a technique for liberation.
Your words are sastras, scriptures. Your form is the center for stotras, devotional prayers, and your life is the sutra, the technique. Your very life is a technique,
( Bhagavad Gita Demystified ) BY SWAMI NITHYANDAM.
• Unbelievable ! Such a RISHI SWAMI NITHYANANDAM is ! In the future the historians will not understand why world did not give him HIS RIGHT DUE and what he justly deserves; why he is known only outside INDIA and not acclaimed by “secular” Indians as he serves to be. Perhaps because he is not in “three pieces” but in an authentic “ethnic” apparel?
• Indians wants to be “English” on the outside while being none inside. Macaulay education continues to form the majority of Indians’ mind and shape them after the image of those “past colonial masters” through contemporary Christian missionary schools that dominated and dominates still Indian Education while Government had given to those private missionary schools “carte blanche”. Indian state governments observe as an inactive spectator while it is their duty to ensure good dharmic education. They have given to aliens THEIR MISSION and let them execute it as they want not as Indians want. Government by abdicating from their DHARMA shows that they are just a symptom, an expression of the general disease from which the whole INDIA suffers: “inferiority complex vis-à-vis their ex-masters of the West that still resists and persists as an incurable AIDS.
• Why we want all the world to be shaped and cloned after the “standard and unique model” of the West? THAT is only a loss for the West if they suffocate eastern creativity and expression of diversity by encouraging the East to look at their own culture with complete disregard and disgust. That only keeps the Indians in their mental prison and keeps their chains of slavery intact.
• By not knowing to discern who is rare and precious and who is not, INDIANS are just victims of mental colonization and continues to reject “creativity and diversity” blossoming in their own garden but admires the exotic flower on the West’s bank.
• They want to eat “cherry” and “strawberry” while neglecting the nectar in mangoes and jackfruit that will not oppose the 5 elements in their body, more accustomed to the five elements contained in the local food. Their tri-dosha made of “vata”, “pitta” and “kapa” will not get imbalanced.
• They despise the jasmine of their “nandavanam” and go after a geometrical garden under a grey sky in a castle built by some European King who ruled his country with the help of the “bourgeoisie” (rich class) but rejecting the “Tiers état” (the middle class). This is caste discrimination not the division of work as prescribed in our Vedic texts. (That KNIG Louis 16 had been beheaded by guillotine for his hedonistic egoism, which is another story).
• What I underline is the low self-esteem that Indians have of their own Sages that leads to their blindness to their woks of exceptional genius.

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