Robert Bello


I am sensitive to the fact that If you are a meat eater, you are caught in the middle of so many factors that contradict and cancel out your innate empathy, kindness, compassion and decency:

The relentless societal programming, peer pressure, and advertising from cradle to grave assuring you that the abuse, slavery and murder of animals is ethically justified, ….because we are the “Supreme” Species with unlimited rights over them…

Why create conflict with friends, family, and employers, give up the delicious taste of your lifelong comfort foods…..just to save so-called “lesser” beings?

Your Speciesist delusion aside, You know why? Because despite all that, when you raise the black curtain and look at the undisguised REALITY of this picture , you and I react to it exactly the same way: we are Reviled, Repulsed, Ashamed, Guilt-Ridden…in sum, we know in our heart of hearts how terribly Unjust and Wrong this picture is.

You could not personally commit these horrific murders of the innocent on your most angry out of control day. At the end of the day, your conscience tells YOU what’s right and wrong. The meat industry knows that …so they keep you completely disconnected…as cozy in ignorance and as far from this violent Disgraceful and Unjust murder scene as possible.

UNTIL some Vegan pain in the ass like me comes along and posts a picture connecting the dots of the true responsibility for these murders: it’s YOU who killed the Cow in the picture, you who chopped up his body for meat and leather and parts…and like a Serial killer this is only one of billions of deaths you are personally responsible for. Cause you do it 3 times a day….at every meal.

Now that I took the blinders off, so you can accept responsibility for what happens in this picture, Can you still sleepwalk like an Ethical Zombie pretending this is justified via some childish mental masturbation about Superiority, personal choice, top of the food chain, blah blah blah,….while consciously knowing it’s just a cover for the Unjust innocent blood on your hands?

In the absence of ignorance, if you continue then it proves that you just don’t care. And if so I condemn you in the fullest sense of the word as an Unjust Bastard. Be Vegan if you want the respect of Decent Ethical people again. Because I can’t respect you or anyone else consciously responsible for the violent sadism that this picture symbolizes.

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