With just one day’s interest from her 19 billion dollar, she can do miracles and make oracles speak what she wants to hear.

With just one day’s interest from her 19 billion dollar slashed in secret Bahamas and Swiss Banks, MAINO the ex-bar dancer can plant and project on any house whatever message she wants to propagate. WE should understand one thing : commies are dummies and other fools are just doing all these things not out of ideological logic but because they are paid by MAINO , the Roman Inquisitive crusader cum protestant cum catholic who is just cheating innocent Indians and cheating them inside out , since many years without any rest. If she is no more, all these projections will die a natural death as if they never existed since the dawn of Time. Another thing: why Hindus often do this as if they are on a monthly salary payroll? BECAUASE specifically they are Hindus, they give utmost importance to their family than the nation and they prefer their family security than national security. if you give them money, they will do anything for you like finding the right British MP who gives permission in exchange of a suitcase, to let them hang or project anything on the wall of their parliament, castle or any palace. What is the price, tell me that ALONE and keep calm and be paid by MAINO. http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/modi-uk-visit-british-indians-protest-indian-prime-minister-projection-onto-parliament-1527815

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