50 crore plus mega movie to show how ST THOMAS was killed by ‘Hindu Brahmins’

    If you don’t know, a rupees 50 crore plus mega movie is getting ready in to spread the message of St. Thomas the apostle in India, and how he was killed by ‘Hindu Brahmins’. Before it gets released, I want all Hindus to read this.

The primary objective of the Thomas-in-India or Jesus-in-India stories is to vilify Brahmins and malign the Hindu religion and community. The second is to present Christianity as an indigenous religion — not a piece of Western imperialism.

Before we move to whether St Thomas visited India or not – let me remind you that existence of St Thomas itself is not proved yet, and is doubted by Christian historians.

Let us conveniently forget that for the sake of Christians.

1. The Christian community in South India was founded by a Syrian (or Armenian) merchant Thomas Cananeus in 345 AD. He led four hundred refugees who fled persecution in Persia and were given asylum by the Hindu authorities.

Now, As you would know, Christianity depends heavily on the appeal of martyrs who are projected as victims like Jesus Christ. But no matter how much they tried, the Hindus of India refused to supply the Portuguese(who first invented St Thomas story) with martyrs.

So they turned the merchant Thomas into the Apostle Thomas killed by the Hindus.

2. The church which they claim commemorates St. Thomas’ martyrdom at the hands of Hindu fanaticism(SanThome at Mylapore), is in fact a monument of Hindu martyrdom at the hands of Christian fanaticism. It is a forcible replacement of two important Hindu temples (Jain and Shaiva) whose existence was insupportable to the Christian missionaries.

3. The main sources relating to Apostle Thomas are ‘Acts of Thomas’ and the ‘Gospel of Thomas’.

Acts of Thomas is considered as an an apocryphal work by Christian historians. It is this book, on which the whole story is based.

Now, let us assume even these fables to be true. Still, in Acts of Thomas, St Thomas is said to visit eastwards from Palestine, to a desert country called ‘India’ which has people of Zoroastrian faith and Persian Names. India has never been in her history, a land as mentioned here. Evidently, India here is used as a synonym for Asia.

Moreover, The Acts of Thomas clearly states Saint Thomas was martyred in the Persian Gulf at Calamina where Greeko-Persian names were common.

So why is there a tomb at Mylapore, Chennai? Jesus knows better! tongue emoticon

4. According to these two books Thomas was the twin brother of Jesus. For this reason the Thomas myth is not accepted by the Vatican because of a doctrinal problem: Jesus as the Only Son of God cannot possibly have a twin brother. Vatican can not deny this either, as that would stop conversions here.

5. It was Portuguese missionaries who came to India in the 16th century who created the myth of St. Thomas.

How they discovered it more than 1500 years later?

No Answer!

6. There are several memorials spread across Persia, Acre (Israel) and a few other places dating to different times, all laying claim to be the place where Apostle Thomas was martyred and buried!

So how is Mylapore Thomas’ tomb?

No Answer!

7. Late Father Heras, former Director of the Historical Research Institute, St. Xavier’s College, Bombay, said in 1953 – “I am convinced that the tomb of St. Thomas was not in Mylapore.”

In ‘The Aravidu Dynasty of Vijayanagara’, the Jesuit father says that the Portuguese account of their discovery of some relics was “a most barefaced imposture [with] all elements of a forgery.”

8. The New Testament came into existence only in the fourth century, after the Council of Nicaea called by Roman Emperor Constantine in 325 AD(4th century). And St Thomas was preaching new testament in 1ST Century!!

9. The famous St. Thomas Cross supposedly brought by him made its appearance in Kerala only in the fourth century, about the same time as the Namboothiri Brahmins. So it is quite possible that the highly ornate St. Thomas Cross [with Hindu motifs carved in it] was borrowed from the Namboothiris, having nothing to do with St. Thomas or even Christians.

10. The Portuguese missionaries in the sixteenth century with the help of pirates, destroyed the Kapaleeswara Temple and a Jain temple building the church known as San Thome Cathedral in 1504. It acquired its present status and recognition as a cathedral (grand church) under British patronage in 1893.

The details of the destruction of original Kapaleeshwara Temple could be found in Tamil inscriptions on the walls of the Marundeeswarar Temple in Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai, even today!

Similarly, Vel Ilankanni Amman Temple near Nagappattinam and Vedapureeshwara Temple, Pondicherry were destroyed and Velankanni Church (Our Lady of Health Basilica) and the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception, Pondicherry were built on their remains respectively.

11. Syrian (Kerala) Christians derive status within the caste system from the tradition that they are converted Namboothiris (Brahmins), who were allegedly evangelized by St. Thomas after he allegedly landed in Kerala in AD 52.

There are serious problems with this theory: the Namboothiris started settling in Kerala only from the fourth century onwards, which means they did not exist at the time the alleged St. Thomas allegedly came to Kerala.

So, we have a “non-existing” apostle converting the “non-existing” class of people by preaching in 1st century, from a text that appeared in 4th century! Great!









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5 Responses to 50 crore plus mega movie to show how ST THOMAS was killed by ‘Hindu Brahmins’

  1. Krish says:

    And that is how whole of South America is Christian now. Villify or demonify the older religion, as if it were old school and uncivilised. And the converted fools are also made to hate upon Hindus.

  2. g.mani says:

    please read this also : Under the authority and support of the Roman Catholic Church, they literally RE-WROTE the New Testament to say that the Panare Indians brutally killed Jesus! Gone from this “new” Bible was the betrayal of Jesus by Judas, the Romans, the trial, and Pontius Pilate.
    1. http://www.nairaland.com/977173/why-did-christian-missionaries-claim


  3. srinivasan says:

    Just ignore … If you agitate they will use this as an advertisement

  4. Christian invaders were the worst predators who wiped out entire races and civilizations in North and South Americas and in Australia, etc. Jesus, if he was a real historical figure, and were to be miraculously reborn, would have committed suicide if he were to even know barely of the atrocities by his so-called followers! The genocidal atrocities committed by the Portuguese in India are too well known to need repetition here.

  5. Anil says:

    Wicked propaganda!!

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