Yes, try to remember also this.


Yes, try to remember also that the wife in the picture is not the same wife that we have in the west ; she does not delegate kitchen work to “I don’t care about you “ industrialists who mix a lot of E100 E120 ETC in their magic potion, no the picture shows  also positive things of better solidarity between husband and wife that in the west a individualistic country where divorces are common and single man and woman is the norm, The picture also shows that in spite of the extreme poverty, that is only lack of materials , they do not lack of affection and love for the children;  while in the west  a baby is left alone in his nightmarish nights alone in his room as soon as he comes out of the mother’s womb, no connection between mother and the child ; this is real poverty ; poverty of sentiments, feelings, affection, love , bondage etc Poverty in the third world is nothing when you compare to the solitude and egoistic cobweb  that capitalists in nexus with missionaries and arms and goods makers have created so that common  people are caught inside that sad grim world of employees, modern slaves. A photo shows only one angle and it is those who intelligence who can imagine the whole picture.

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