How can a person not elected directly by the people enjoy the same rights as those who are directly elected ? A blunder MODIJI should rectify or else the country will face bankruptcy.

First time in the 68 years after independence India has a non congress government of Modi with a brute majority in lower house of Parliament. Currently BJP does not have majority in the back door entry house of parliament known as Upper house where the MPs are not elected by direct election method. They get elected in upper house by the netas voting along party lines. As a result the upper house MPs has no constituency of people. Unlike direct elected MPs who are also answerable to the people at grass roots level these upper house MPs only have to please their respective higher commands. It is most unfortunate that our forefathers who made our constitution gave equal rights to both directly elected and back door entry MPs. In no other developed democracy in the world it is like this. In US the upper house known as senate, the MPs are elected directly by the people. In Britain from where we borrowed our constitution the MPs of House of Lords are elected like Indian democracy but they do not enjoy same rights as directly elected MPs.Unlike Indian upper house they cannot hold a bill for more than one year.
The limited brain netAs of this country are making maximum use of this lacuna in our democracy.Modi government is in power for last 19 months now .Despite the majority in lower house of parliament, since Congress has majority in back door entry MPs in upper house under the leadership of Mr Rahul Gandhi, this congress is not allowing any bill to be passed from the upper house. There are 62 very important bills pending in upper house which if passed will give great boost to Indian economy but Rahul Ghandhi and his ilk is just not interested in welfare of the country. The main aim of the cong appears to be not to allow Modi government to function. Their game plan hinges on the fact that if this modi government succeeds then nobody will elect cong and its other regional party lackeys for long time to come. So they are hell bent not to allow this Modi Government to succeed even if the country has to pay a heavy price for it. However elections in five states are scheduled this year. If all goes well this hegemony of congress will wane from mid 2017 onwards. There after first thing modi government should do is to amend the constitution and take away the equal rights these back door entry politicians enjoy. Till that time Modi government must reach out to people and expose this game of congress party and its lackeys.modi government must take referendum from people on what they feel on bills like GST, land reforms and like which cong is not allowing to be passed. Another thing which this Congress under Mr Rahul Gandhi does not understand is that they are effectively killing democracy in India. Tomorrow if Congress or any other coalition comes to power in centre same tactics as adopted by Congress now will be repeated by the BJP in opposition. So where do we go from here? What happens to our democracy? These are the questions our political masters must mull over before angry youth takes to streets. What happens when an angry mobs comes on street people just saw in Jat agitation in Haryana where they burnt the houses of so many political bigwigs. So time to wake up for Mr Rahul Ghandhi and his ilk is now.

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