How the western industrialists were lying to us to make us use REFINED OIL which is bad while “cold pressed” oil is the best and making us more prone to cardiac problems and other artery related diseases.

First the western industrialists made a false propaganda against cold pressed Indian way of manufacturing oil with the help of their PAID SCIENTISTS WITHOUT EHICS to convince us to buy their refined crap so that they can make a lot of profits quickly.  

Then, our own industrialists also believed so much in whatever rubbish the western people uttered that they too adapted without questioning their methods of manufacturing ( certainly that suited their “profit” too) that they began to adapt their machines to make the refined oil abandoning the ancient Indian technology to make cold pressed oil. 

WE never doubted that the western industrialists were lying to us to make us use REFINED OI for “quick profits’ only; we were unaware that refined oil will increase cardiac problems and other artery related diseases.  

They successfully manipulated our minds and changed the whole nation’s edible oil industries’ set up and machines to produce the refined oil; But, the consumer is waking up slowly in the west and now the western consumers not the industrialist nor the paid scientists are coming out with the truth we knew from centuries that only cold pressed oil is good and coconut and sesame are thousand times healthier than what they told us previously.  

In their snow clad plains, they have apples and what makes us them unbelievably efficient “sellers” is their aptitude to put their pride in whatever that grows in their poor land while we albeit , having the richest bio-diverse ( many fruits have originated in India and colonialists took home ) , fertile lands , we never put our pride in our local fruits and vegetables except a very highly educated people whose awareness comes from not only what they learn from books but by their aptitude to listen to their inner voice and experimenting themselves the media truths and questioning the source’s reliability. 

Moral of the lesson: we should NEVER COPY THE WEST but we should put EXCLUSIVELY ALL OUR TRUST in the authentic care of our ancestors to impart us true knowledge about what to eat and what not to eat; we should trust not those “western industrialists ” of finished products bending nature’s caprices with their chemicals but swadeshi authentic producers who can produce quality products truly respecting our ancestor’s prescriptions and methodologies.piments






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