“which path shall I take” has a bearing on the quality of my future life.



If two paths open before a man walking in an uncharted terrain, he who knows which path has the potential to lead to a better life which can not, is  the real leader ; he is a real “visionary” who wants the common well-being of his people and has the capacity to visualise the future and guide us to choose the best option .
The Hindu way of seeing divine power residing inside every human being, every creation and every particle of the universe encourages us to put our trust on every man and the future of our life on earth will only reflect our present mental set-up while the “Abrahamic” way of seeing God will make us go inside our shell like a tortoise using our brain only to believe this and that as per a book’s prescription and never question the authority of the book unlike a Hindu who constantly adapt his “thoughts on life” to the reality .
While the former’s brain will have to grow, within certain limits, like a “bonsai” knowing it has no rights to question his Book, the brain of the latter can really grow freely like a banyan tree. While the former can be compared to a history-centered “fossil” with no perspective for evolution, the latter is more a living being, whose penchant for liberty is intrinsic. This is “past history” versus “future”.
The “Abrahamic” tradition is a closed patented one Vatican-Lord-owned software whereas the “Dharmic” art of living is based on “an open source” architecture where Great Sadhus and Gurus had always contributed to make it better than what it was yesterday and continue to do so. Born in the former, a man cannot reform it easily while anyone who belongs to the latter, if he has the stuff of a real Master, can influence his people by his sheer presence like Ramana Maharishi who does not even talk too much.
While the former is based on a particular history, on a specific geography or a particular man’s life and a unique “book”, the latter unfolds endless knowledge revealed in millions of books sometimes with the name of the author lost in the ocean of the Time. (Note that we do not give importance to the author but what he has to say).
While Abrahamic religion, taken out of a particular historical and geographical context, will shake in its foundations, the Vedic heritage is based on dharma, an eternal and universal principle (as a Law of Physics) which sustains life in this universe. While the Hindu tradition is better realized through individual experimentation and experience , the Abrahamic tradition gives us the choice just to believe and leave the rest to theologians who live luxuriously to interpret the Book and not to innovate.
Do you want to be duped by a man-made commercial GLOBAL product “God” whose face changes following the country where he should be promoted? In Africa, He is black while in China, he has Chinese features. There is nothing spiritual about this type of aggressive sales for this declining “God” in the West. The spiritual promotion can no more hide the hidden political and commercial objectives.
A Rishi or a Siddhar will search the devine consciousness inside him and will recognize that God is omnipresent, all-pervading and that what he sees inside him is the same essence present also in each and every atom and in every living being. He will know that looking for that universal super consciousness in the materialistic world is like searching for water in a mirage. Do you want to taste true liberty or die having spent all your life inside a mental cage?
Any man who is born on this earth has the right to taste the kind of liberty that is available only in “dharmic art of living”. As I have affection for my brothers and sisters of Bharat, I would only wish they choose the best option.

Indians who lived in the west have double experience ; they know which path had lead the Europeans to commit genocide in South America, Africa, Australia and Asia  and  which one can lead us to a harmonious society where people respect all living creations and see God in them without trying to proselytize the poor and the illustrate obsessed by the superiority of their white man’s colonialist GOD.

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