Secret Deal Pandora box now open

Facebook pulled down this compilation of facts about‪#‎AgustaWestland‬ from my page. So, I am now posting it using my profile with some news updates I had posted on Twitter last night:

1. Arms dealer Christian Michel’s father Wolfgang Max Richard Michel was associated with the Congress in the 1980s-90s.

2. Another arms dealer Guido Ralph Haschke was a director of Emaar-MGF for a while. This company is owned by SK Singh, Governor of Rajasthan during the Rajiv Gandhi era and father of Kanishka Singh who is an aide of Rahul Gandhi.

A third Congress connection has been mentioned in the attached article already: the Bagrodia family whose little-known IDS Infotech helped route the kickbacks via Tunisia and Mauritius.

Now, while all BJP supporters are exerting pressure on theNarendra Modi government to crack this case and wondering whether this will be another damp squib like Bofors, connecting the last few dots that lead straight up to 10 Janpath will be real difficult. The Congress has ruled the country for decades by humouring people with entitlements. Look at the connections established so far. It is not Rahul Gandhi, but his aide’s father’s temporary business associate! It is not a current foreign associate of the Congress, but his son! It is not former Air Force chief Tyagi, but his cousins! It is not the serving coal minister of the time of the deal, but the family of a former MoS for Coal!

Whether Congress’s leaders themselves were recipients of the loot could never be established since the age of the Jeep scandal that the country learnt about when it had barely tasted independence (or transfer of power from White to Brown sahibs).

PS: If Facebook pulls down this post, too, I will stop using this medium to communicate to the people vital information of national import. As said above, this is a COMPILATION of facts. It will be difficult for this social networking site or a search engine like Google, Bing or Yahoo to suppress the truth as the information herein is also available in a whole lot of other news outlets (whose links have been provided in the Swarajya article).

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