Why Hindu Saints are often targeted by American CHRISTIAN AND PROTESTANT MISSIONARIES ?




Your Missionaries Targeting Hindu Saints by creating Anti-Hindu atmosphere in India with the help of our Paid Media & Multi-National companies, Hindu saints like Nityananda, Shankaracharya, Asaramji Bapu were maligned with fake allegations & media trials just to accomplish the goal of 800 Million Hindu Converts declared by Reverend Pat Robertson for India.

As per data 1999 data churches spend more than $145 Billion dollars, command 4 Million full time workers, run 13,000 libraries, publish 22,000 periodicals & four billion tracts a year, operate 1,890 radio & TV stations. There are a quarter million foreign Missionaries , over 4500 institutions to train them especially to convert 800 Million Hindu population of India specially,

Till year 2005 the number of conversions recorded were more than 8,25,000 in India, Now is 2014 & count has crossed 25,42,000
conversions in India, out of which 95% of converts were found belong to very much below the poverty line & from extremely
poor background.

People of India, Kindly have a look at the below stats:-

a) The Hindu, India’s National Newspaper, (Joshua Society, Berne, Switzerland) It is said that Hindu editor N. Ram’s wife is Christian.

b) NDTV: Funded by Gospels of Charity (Catholic Trust) in Spain.

c) CNN-IBN: 100% Funded by Southern Baptist Church.

d) The Times Of India Group: Owned by Bennet & Coleman, whose 80% funding is from WORLD CHRISTIAN COUNCIL, & the balance 20% is equally shared by an Englishman & an Italian. The Italian
ROBERTIO MINDO is a close relative of Smt SONIA GANDHI.

e)HINDUSTAN TIMES: Supported by the Birla Group, but working in collaboration with Times Group.

e)STAR TV: Supported by the Birla Group, but working in collaboration with the Times Group.

g)INDIAN EXPRESS: Divided into 2 groups, The Indian Express & New Indian Express (Southern Edition). Acts Ministries has major stake in the Indian counterpart.

Strategy Of Missionaries:-

a) Use the Paid Media to dilute Hindu faith, An Example is the recent show, Jyothi Of Sabarimalai on NDTV, Questioning the Hindu faith.

b) These Missionaries know control of Paid Media is required before carrying out illegal mass conversions with deception & untruth.

c) They know very well that the elimination of Hindu Saints (either by killing or defaming them by putting fake allegations & using paid media) is of utmost importance to guarantee 100% success in their objectives of mass conversions.

d) Either by using bribe or by brainwashing or by offering some kind of luxurious support or even by threatening in christian majority areas like in Andra, perform conversions of as many people as can.

Only Solution To This Problem:-

Unite Hindus, Support Hindu Saints,

Boycott any paid media channel that try to defame Hinduism or our Saints.

Spread awareness & knowledge about real Hinduism, spread Vedic knowledge and culture.

Unite & raise your voice on every social media platform you can access.

Brothers & Sisters if you think what i said is right this must share this post to all Indians before it gets too late.

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