During my recent visit to Kerala to Munnar by road , i saw huge huge number of churches that have come up there , many of them very new constructions , in most of the hilly area of Munnar and surrounding hills ! There are both extremely HUGE and small churches everywhere corners , at crossings , at city centres !

I did see many Majsids too , but the number of new churches and large expanse of land that have been given by the Govt in the name of churches and fathers of chairty etc etc did catch my eye since huge amt of open land held signboards proclaiming such ownerships !

Also almost ALL the hotels and restaurants and Shops in Munnar and all PUBLIC vehicles had a huge picture of JESUS …some even in various Yoga positions to confuse Hindus to take up conversions (which seems to have already happened to a large extent in Kerala) ! It seemed all hotels there in Munnar and CHitrapuram and other surrounding areas have ALL been taken over by Missionaries and even those owned by Hindus coz many of them still have sculptures of Ganesha and King of Travancore (Hindu) and Kathakali dance sculptures and Shiva but they have been all forced to put pics of JESUS in the centre of the Reception area in every hotel . Public vehicles have been forced to put a Cross or Jesus pics along side their small statues of Ganesha or Hanumanji .

Huge churches have been built purposely nxt to small temples to create a psychological impact on Hindus of feeling inferior to christians ! Same with Masjids that have been made with huge minars close to hINDU TEMPLES ! Why cant Hindus make similar HUGE HUGE TEMPLES in Kerela and other places so poor Hindus too feel a sense of PRIDE when they enter them ! Afterall it takes a lot for poor Hndus not to get lured by the money being thrown at them by the missionaries and they stuck to their religion . Rich Hindus should build several such towering temples to reward them and make them feel good . Existing temples that i saw looked quite unmaintained can be taken up for refurbishing and reconstruction by whoever wishes to do this good ACT

This is my personal observation during my recent visit last week and i must say it was very DISHEARTENING to say the least about the way things are today in God’s own Country , Kerala …also the birthplace of the great Adi Shankaracharya !

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