Politically correct Hindus are moulded by secularism.

Secularism is a methodology forced upon by Britishers and Muslims to make Hindus cowards while these anti-Hindus never practiced secularism themselves – using conversation and militancy to curb growth of Hindus economically and spiritually.
Hindus should Abolish secularism all together. Its a trap to make eunuchs out of Hindus. No country in this world is secular – they are either boast themselves openly as “chrisitan country” or “Islamic nation”.
This they declare not inside four walls of their bathroom but on all rooftops !
Do Hindus have their own Hindu nation… No why because we are still nursing secularism. Shame on all of us… That being 80% we were unable to make our Native country as Hindu Rashtra.
Indian Hindu women who wanted to get married and immigrate to UK in Seventies, were given compulsory Virginity tests at the airport by Immigration. They would never ever dare to do it for any other religion.
There are times when taking a slap on the other cheek makes you a slave – My parents were slaves, so were yours – Think About It !!
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