We all love security but enable people to take to violence with anarchic urbanisation. In the same way, we all love cows but we don’t give them space for grazing but confine them in narrow stables. In France, in MANY PARTS of the USA, the conditions are worse than in India; The scenes of burning cars in the evening ( 90% of these damages on public and private proprieties are caused by vandals OF ALGERIAN, TUNISIAN, MOROCCAN Muslim immigrants and Africans from erstwhile French colonies) . These immigrants seem to target only Indians with a thorough knowledge of their love for gold jewels. They are specialized in entering flats when the Indians families are absent to rob them of their gold jewels. This is happening on a daily basis. Not just a random affair. There are groups operating in ROISSY AIRPORT in PARIS, POLICE in spite of camera recordings seem to ignore them as they live in areas difficult for the police to enter because they risk stone pelting by the whole Muslim community of ALGERIAN AND NORHT AFRICAN ORIGIN. Dangerous pockets are prevalent in so called all developed countries. In San Francisco it is advised not to venture into certain roads after dark or else you can be assaulted; same conditions seem to exist in Australia or even in London especially during Friday and Saturday nights. Even in U.S, in a city like New York it is not safe to walk alone after 8 p.m. Do you say USA is not a developed nation? Similarly in Europe, especially in countries like Norway, which is supposed to be the safest country, you can lose your valuables if you’re a stranger and walking alone. CONCLUSION: More a country is urbanised, the more its people tend to be like individuals without a feeling of social togetherness; they think the crimes cannot be detected even though there may be enough police stations but the vast area to patrol and the possibility of going incognito in a urban jungle makes their task impossible. So, making India hyper urbanised as America is not development. Modiji should certainly take in to account the fact that when he wants to build smart cities, he should integrate green spaces and grazing fields for cows and public places that allow people to mingle with each other. In other words, he should place “village facilities” like green natural landscape inside a town and “urban facilities like good roads” inside villages. A harmonious blend of both, a middle path should give freedom of liberty even to cows who should not be imprisoned in a narrow stable but given grazing fields too. For green pastures, we should also connect all rivers whenever and wherever it is possible. India should be governed by a specific approach for each state in taking in to account their specific climates and geographical reliefs. State-specific policy and national level ^policy should be harmonised to form one vision. Above all, the notion of development should be redefined and this new definition should not be based on the western idea of exploiting the land without giving back what they take from it but the Indian way of development where each time our ancestors took something from nature, they gave back the double they took from it. Development when few percentage of the whole population are enriched by development and the rest are left behind, then crime rates will see wings grow on their shoulders. So, a new definition should be put forward after an intense research keeping in minds the specific tropical conditions and geographical variations of our diverse land.
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