Sanatana Dharma- A Universal Dharma and a Way of Living


Hinduism is the only religion which is non-dogmatic, amenable to criticism, adaptable to new situations and has the power to reinvent itself. Hence it does not hinder a practicing Hindu to live according to changing times and in different parts of the globe. It is these qualities which has helped Hinduism to survive the onslaught of Semitic religions like Christianity and Islam.

In its journey in pursuit of Reality, Sanatana Dharma has come a long way. In the beginning our sages looked at nature with awe and showed reverence to various forces of nature like wind, fire, thunder and lightning. In the next stage they composed hymns to propitiate these nature forces and expected boons from them. In the third stage they composed elaborate rituals and believed that if correctly conducted the gods will be forced to give them the boons so desired. The fourth stage was the stage when…

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