Americans are our worst traitors that the world had ever seen.

Americans are our worst traitors that the world had ever seen.
Do you really think these guys gonna give that much technology to India ? Americans are our worst traitors that the world had ever seen…perhaps, if we succeed not to get stolen, (they patent and steal everything we have whether it is basmati rice, cuury leaf, lila tree, fenugrec or sesame seed) that is already a good thing (our n scientists and the people who worked on cryogenic engines for gslv were murdered by CIA) etc Uncle sam is the last man I respect..Let them first repent upon all the genocide they committed on Red INDIANS for whom they created a special zoo to park them and we will see if we can tolerate and allow them to sit near us not to say to speak with us. They are the worst thieves of other people’s knowledge …(when they had to close down the big armament factories and continue to sell those chemicals , they just transferred the ammonium from the battlefield to the agricultural field ; have you heard of the “golden rice project in Philippines ? Our pseudo green revolution ? OR THE biggest scam with their chemo therapy which has a rate of 97% failure ? (Americans now master the technique of converting the chemical used in ammunition to agriculture that they borrowed from the Germans (MONSANTO) :…)…Just for the below two points I will have contempt for them : use of atomic bomb on Asians and never on European Germans and use of “AGENT ORANGE” on VIETNAM PEOPLE to test the power of that agent …in a real life of cost of testing in lab. no no let me stop with this , American oligarchy is the worst enemy of all people on earth including their own people who toil under their dictatorial command.

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