The long line of men and women in front of Kiran Bedi’s official residence Raj Nivas in Puduchery shows the way in which Ex super cop Kiran Bedi changing the administration of the union territory. In less than three weeks since former Top cop assumed charge, she had managed to hear out thousands of common men and women. She is solving a wide range of issues like admissions of children to schools, Reservation for the physically challenged, or even land disputes and she is willing to listen and always ready to offer constructive advices on various issues.
For the common men and women of Puduchery, the arrival of Bedi and her reforms are a real blessing and it has made a huge difference so far. “we can see the effect that she has brought in and we are sure that a number of problems will be solved” a social activist said. He also said , he had visited the Governor on number of occasions and she had promised she will take care of the three percent reservation for people with disabilities.
On a first come first serve basis, Bedi is seeing 40 people daily. If the problems are genuine she immediately orders action! She is not like any other Lieutenant Governor we have met., said another activist.
After she assumed office, she has ensured that all government officials are on their toes!. The traffic police in the union territory town area now has a Fifty new police constables from the Indian Reserve Battalion. And all police stations have additional officers for duty. Bedi has a plan to start a new traffic plan and has even banned using sirens for VIP cars.
Ever since Bedi came to power, the police and traffic police work together, they are managing the law and order situation very well. Jawaharlal Nehru street used to be a nightmare for drivers, there were a number of establishment that would place signs on the street,  disturbing  parking, especially on holidays. Now everything has been clear and traffic has become very smooth for the citizens.
Kiran Bedi is also focusing on PM’S SWACH BHARATH mission by making streets very clean with no garbage. She ensures that each constable will take responsibility for one or two streets. In his or her area anything that happens, whether a robbery or crime it is the responsibility of the concerned officer in charge. People are aware of the person in charge of the area, the idea is to make police more people friendly and approachable.
Now the union territory has number of toll free lines. For power cuts and power disasters people can cal 1912, for revenue and disaster management 1070, 1031 is the confidential helpline for crime related complaints. and the women helpline is 1091. Besides these , she has been giving much publicity to all these toll- free numbers , so that people can contact the officials in distress.
Bedi has ensured a proper tax collection system. Her main focus is on sanitation, safety and security. By improving these three factors, I can ensure that the people will have a better life coupled with quality, Kiran Bedi said.
She proudly said, the new policing system will make sure that anyone with a past crime record will think twice before repeating a crime..
We wish Kiran Bedi all the success in her new role


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