Positive news recap of 2 days, do read & share with everyone. As @NarendraModi says ‪#‎BeTheNarrative ‪#‎DoYourBit

=> Modi government to launch 300 Namami Gange projects tomorrow …

=> @NarendraModi govt to spend Rs 245 crore to develop Ramayana circuit in Ayodhya..

=> Indian Embassy in Libya secures the release of Regi Joseph – an Indian national from Kerala who was abducted in March this year…

=> India set to become power surplus nation in FY 17: CEA…

=> Railways e-Makeover to fully Digitise Indian Railway services and operations.

=> ‪#‎Modi govt to rank 700 villages adopted by MPs under ‪#‎SAGY

=> Star Hockey player Dhanraj Pillay thanks PM Narendra Modi for helping ailing Mohammad Shahid via ..

=> Cabinet approved the proposal for setting up a major port in Enayam, Kanyakumari district, TamilNadu….

=> Centre applies New measures to 144 Tourist sites, likely to make it Disabled-Friendly..

=> Great move for helping farmers by @AnanthKumar_BJP : Govt reduced pricesof key fertilisers by Rs. 4000 per ton .

=> 152 villages electrified across 9 States last week, giving them power for the 1st time ‪#‎GarvSe

=> J&K: One terrorist killed in an ongoing encounter with security personnel in Waderbala forest of Kupwara district.

=> South Central Railway provides extra coaches in many trains. 67000 additional berths added

=> Superb! Divyangs can get online reservation without submitting any documentary proof after getting unique ID from railways…

=> Major initiative by governmemt today for Farmers. Govt approves Rs 18276 cr towards interest subvention of farmer loans. ..

=> HAL inaugurates first wind energy power plant to meet 15% requirements of Bangalore-based divisions…

Try to take out 5 mins. Must Read & share positive news with friends/family members.




  1. May, likely for the first time in the post-war history of the Western world, a national parliament willingly ceded what remained of its country’s sovereignty, essentially voting itself obsolete.  This development, however, did not make headlines in the global news cycle and was also ignored by most of the purportedly “leftist” media. The country in question is Greece, where a 7,500-page omnibus bill was just passed, without any parliamentary debate, transferring control over all of the country’s public assets to a fund controlled by the European Stability Mechanism, for the next 99 years.  This includes all public infrastructure, harbors, airports, public beaches, and natural resources, all passed to the control of the ESM, a non-democratic, supranational body which answers to no parliamentary or elected body.  Within this same bill, the “Greek” parliament also rendered itself voteless: the legislation annuls the role of the parliament to create a national budget or to pass tax legislation.  These decisions will now be made automatically, at the behest of the European Union: if fiscal targets set by the EU, the IMF, and the ESM are not met, automatic “cuts” will be activated, without any parliamentary debate, which could slash anything from social spending, to salaries and pensions.  In earlier legislation, the Greek parliament agreed to submit all pending bills to the “troika” for approval.  For historical precedent, one needs to look no further than the “Enabling Act” passed by the Reichstag in 1933, where the German parliament voted away its right to exercise legislative power, transferring absolute power to govern and to pass laws, including unconstitutional laws, to Chancellor Adolf Hitler.




  1. Unfortunately, Christianity and Islam have contributed a lot to the misery of the world. We only see the blatant violence from followers of Islam, but the soft violence of Christianity in India is overlooked. With money coming from overseas, evangelical missions are sprouting like vermin and they convert the weaker sections through inducements and brainwash them. Many states in north east, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, etc. Will soon have a Christian majority. The church covertly asks the converts to remain secret, so that they can avail benefits of reservation. They are also collectively influencing the voting patterns.
    1. So we need to tackle both hard and soft violence.
    2. Both, Islam and Christianity, divide humanity into ‘us versus the rest’, which results in a divisive mind-set. Instead, another dividing line must be drawn which Prime Minister Narendra Modi mentioned in one of his speeches: It is the line between humanity and inhumanity.


  1. It is difficult to believe that terror has anything to do with religion. Religion is understood to be something good. It connects us with the Highest and is meant to make us better human beings. We want to believe that the cause for terror is something else. ‘All religions worship the same one God. No religion can possibly condone killing others’, those of us who have not been brainwashed into a dogmatic religions, will naturally maintain. But is it true? We don’t dare to point to passages in the Quran, which support his expectation, for example Q 4.95 and ask what it means if not what is written there.
    1. *Those believers who stay at home – having no physical disability – are not equal to those who make Jihad in the cause of Allah with their wealth and their persons. Allah has granted a higher rank to those who make Jihad with their wealth and their persons than to those who stay at home. Though Allah has promised a good reward for all, Allah has prepared a much richer reward for those who make Jihad for Him than for those who stay at home. They have special higher ranks, forgiveness and mercy. Allah is forgiving, merciful” (Q4. 95-96).
    2. Do you still think that there is no connection between Quran and the violence created by ISLAM?










  1. Swathi S – Alumni of Dhanalakshmi College of Engineering – 2014 batch who got placed with Infosys on campus placement was murdered cruelly by yet to be identified person.
    1. A precious life has gone. A dream was killed. A parent lost their daughter to cruelty.
    2. I suggest the elders, parents, teachers, friends to guide the youngsters along with the right friends help, to solve and save them from miscreants. Social Organisations are there. Open up the case with their parents. An initial move could save few worst incidents. This is called as Friendship which should continue in your life.


  1. De-personalising the debate is important to search and select only worthy ideas to evolve a better future for Bharat after coming to a common consensus.







  1. IT is not monotheism even in Rome. That was corrupted long ago with angels and saints and the subversion of the mythologies of the ancients to further the prospects of the newly conceived religions.
  2. The very word “caste” comes from “casta” in Portuguese.


  1. Bootlicking culture (slavery type) of Congress should not infect BJP with much more speed n intensity..NaMo supporters or loyalist out to mock Subu swamy in more blatant n abusive way..A very good friend of mine says “Subu can’t even win an election n been given Z security n Rajya Sabha Nomination “…Wow..What an analogy..But peanut sized brain deads must also acknowledge “Arun jaithly couldnt win even after NaMo wave n holding Finance as well as I&B Ministry “..N failed to impress public in both departments…


  1. With extension of the city limits, housing projects are coming up in hitherto far off places. Builders attract buyers claiming, ‘near proposed airport ‘, as if one is going to fly daily! Ask those who live near airport and they will tell you how unbearable the noise is and how difficult it is to get a cab for a short distance! Another builder claims ’20 minutes from……’ without specifying whether it is by walk or by car!


  1. Who is Muslim, ANSARI VICE PRESIDENT is without the CAP. And who is Hindu, ARVIND KEJRIVAL is wearing a Muslim cap to cap the society. This is India’s so-called secular leaders


  1. Maharashtra’s farmers will now be able to sell their produce outside the Agriculture Produce Market Committee (APMC) markets in the state.


  1. Yoga cannot be surgically cut off from its lifestyle and ethical requirements known as YAMA and NIYAMA. It is not for sale as a FAD or COMMODITY. RAJIV MALHOTRA.


  1. Yoga being a very strong mental discipline in fact it’s a means to achieve God ,Yama n Niyam are its natural ingredients. Yoga without Yama n Niyam will not remain yoga as envisaged by its proponent Patanjali. “Chitta vritti nirodha “is the first sutra which means the controls of our natural reactions to any situation in our daily life,which spring up without any effort on part of our mind.It is these vrittis that we accumulate as a result of our actions in our lives and bring them with us on arrival in the world.Our intellect can modify them by creating new ones and exhausting the ones we are born with,control them and finally take them with us when we depart from this world .A person who exhausts all of them n merges himself in the cosmic energy is said to have attained “moksha” M SHARMA.









  1. Francois Gautier I personnally think that the Bhagavad Gita tells us that it is necessary sometimes to be ruthless, when it is to fight a-dharma. It seems to be altghough I am not a politician that Narendra Modi& the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Govt are making the same mistake that Vajpayee did, by allwowing Sonia Gandhi and her family to get scot free. Sonia gandhi remains the greatest danger to this Government and a dharmic India. and is she comes back to power, by some freak phenomenon of incumency or incompetence of the Govt, as it happened 13 years ago, she will have no qualms going full steam after Mr Modi, even if it means letting some Lakshar terrorists go after him and kill him. What do YOU think, boys and girls?  .



  1. Sri Lanka will return by 2018 all military-held land seized from Tamil civilians during the nearly three decades long civil war with the LTTE, Foreign Minister Mangala Samaraweera said today.”Last week the military released 701 acres of land to the District Secretary of Jaffna, out of which, 201.3 acres were handed over to their original owners on June 25,” Samaraweera said while addressing the 32nd UN Human Rights Council sessions in Geneva.All military-held lands owned by Tamil civilians will be handed back by 2018, he said.”The Government has clearly instructed the military that all the land obtained from civilians must be released latest by 2018, and that the owners of whatever land that may be required for national installations or development purposes would be fully compensated,” he said. Samaraweera also assured a fair trial for victims of rights abuses. “I can assure you that the mechanism that is finally set up will be one which has the confidence of the stakeholders, especially the victims, with fair trial and due process guarantees,” Samaraweera said. Reconciliation does not happen at once, overnight. It requires effort, hard work, commitment, and careful, continuous, concrete action. It is not an end that can be reached where no further work is required, he added. Samaraweera said his government was dealing with the serious and controversial issue of setting up a judicial mechanism with international  “Sri Lanka is no stranger to international assistance and participation with many investigative and forensic experts having worked with us in the past. Of course, there are varying views on the nature, level and role of international participation,” he said. Both President Maithripala Sirisena and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe have publicly declined to have foreign participation in then accountability mechanism. Samaraweera said Sri Lanka was committed to implement the co-sponsored resolution of 2015 to protect the dignity of State, People and Security Forces, we will implement the proposals with patience, discipline and restraint. The Sri Lankan Foreign Minister refuted the allegation of slowness in the process of accountability. The Government recognises that, in order for the transitional justice process to be effective in achieving the desired objectives, the necessary mechanisms should be properly sequenced, integrated and coordinated, he said. Several confidence-building-measures such as the release of Tamils-owned lands, lifting of travel restrictions to the North and de-escalating the military presence have been taken since January as part of efforts to ensure reconciliation after three decades of civil war with the LTTE that claimed more than 100,000 lives.


  1. Patchwork or “pieced work” is a form of needlework that involves sewing together pieces of fabric into a larger design.


  1. There is also something photogenic aboutramshackle houses and buildings.  They are a visual reminder of days gone by when something was beautiful but has deteriorated with the onslaught of Time showing the power of Lord KALABAIRAVA.


  1. WHEN I was young, I used to play in abandoned Temples and ramshackle houses in my village, now a busy town. One such house was loosely made and rickety in such a way that one would have that feeling that it may fall apart at any time. That miserable house lacked a coat of paint here and there. Red bricks were visible and shrubs and plants taken possession of the place …  But I can imagine the family that lived in that house, how they relished the times they spent together. Being happy in one another’s company. Or quarrelling for petty things.  The building may be a patch work of wooden and concrete and steel pieces, real ramshackle. But I imagined the people who lived there and I saw them moving around bent upon doing things as if their house would never crumble down …and they would live eternally. And above all, just remember that behind the debris, see the power of Kalabairava whose deadly hands go and pluck every living creature when He decides that their dram ends at a given point ON THE TIMELINE OF ONE’s life. His plucking out souls is done in a mechanical and systematic way without any explanation and rather unceremoniously. You may be the PM of your country yesterday, now you lay as a log of wood.




Integral unity can manifest under various forms and names while remaining stable and unshaken while synthetic unity is a patchwork of pieces held loosely together line Hebraic dogmatic writings, Hellenistic traditions and other pagan traditions like Santa Claus.

Being conscious that their religion can fall apart at any time, the west has become maniac of order to hold those pieces together artificially.  Rajiv MALHOTRA call this “religion of stolen pieces” as synthetic unity in contrast to our Integral unity that the concept of “Brahman” gives to “Sanatana dharma”.


  1. The Dana-Farber Cancer Institute recommends the following fruit-based smoothie as part of a healthy diet for those undergoing or recovering from cancer treatment:The Mango-Banana Smoothie, made by combining 1 cup frozen pineapple, 1 cup frozen mango, 1 1/2 cups orange juice and 1 banana with 1 teaspoon of wheat germ.


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