Secret and lethal missile of INDIA k-4

India's most ambitious K-4 nuclear-capable missile: Why it is important

New Delhi: India recently tested its most ambitious weapon system – a long range submarine-launched ballistic missile, codenamed K-4, which is capable of hitting targets upto 3,500 kilometres away.

The successful launch of the undersea ballistic missile is being seen as a huge step forward for country’s nuclear weapons programme and strategic deterrent. India thus became the fifth nation in the world to have developed the capacity of launching a nuclear-capable ballistic missile.

India conducts secret test of submarine-launched K-4 nuclear-capable missile: Report

Here are some interesting facts about the K-4 nuclear-capable missile.

-K-4 nuclear missile’s test was conducted secretively.

-The missile system was tested twice in March from home-built Arihant ballistic missile submarine, a platform that’s currently undergoing sea trials before a possible entry into service next year.

-The K-4 is a derivative of the more well known Agni ballistic nuclear missiles already in service.

-The K-4 missile will arm India’s nuclear ballistic missile submarines and make them invisible and undetected until they need to be used.

-The missile has been developed by the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO).

-The K-4 missile is a lethal weapon as it can carry a warhead weighing upto 2,000 kg.

-Nuke-powered K-4 missile is capable of hitting targets upto 3,500 kilometres away.

-The DRDO plans to develop three missiles K-series missiles.

-The missile has been named after former President Dr APJ Abdul Kalam.

-Before India’s K-4 missile launch, only United States, Russia, China and France possessed the capabilities of successfully launching an undersea nuke-powered ballistic missile.

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