Kerala ‘s style of architecture of SHIVA TEMPLE is unique in the world

Vaddakku Nathar (Northern Lord) Temple for Shiva at Trichur is a magnificent temple set in extensive grounds that had not, as yet, been encroached as other Kerala Temples have been, when I last visited (1995). I used to visit the temple frequently. As also the two “Kavus”. My first visit was as a three year old, when I mounted the elephant (already befriended at home) that had come from Dr, Vasava Menon’s home in Ernakulam before the Pooram (1957).

I was thunderstruck by the fireworks. Imagine the impact that the Ola Padakkam and Rockets had on a three year old, if you can. Temple worship and tradition in Kerala, South Canara and North Canara was less run down and corrupt than the rest of India thirty to twenty five years ago when I used to do long distance “point-to-point rallying” by car to all the major temples all over India. Astrologers and Tantrics would hitch a ride with me if my family and old school schums could not make it.

Probably Kerala is the only place where there are still “Brahma Peetams” (for the Aryas to perform Yajnas to empower the Druhyu Yantra (Temple) in front of the Garbha Gudi; though no longer permitted to be used as it is considered casteistic and non-secular) with places for the Sanath Kumaras (Brahma’s sons).

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