East India company Europeans : Beggars of rich natural gifts of INDIA

East India company Europeans : Beggars of rich natural gifts of INDIA ; sugar and spices.
Imported as slaves to work in the reunion island , Hindu Tamils resist conversion to Christianity ; why WERE THEY IMPORTED ? not for big, grand , vision OF SOCIAL SERVICE ! just for the white old ladies who wanted to drink tea at 4 o clock with sugar PLEASE ; ENGLISH men stole from Indian hill slopes TEA and THE FRENCH MEN from the REUNION ISLANDS the sugar to mix with that tea. FRENCH knew the real value of things you take for tiny little thing and you neglect their value : They fought wars for many many years just because they want your country’s rich biological diversity ; in their country , truly speaking, they do not find any such diversity and fruits and vegetables etc not to say about spices and other special items from India that we take for granted and neglect as little things ; for those little things, poor European beggars fought many wars among themselves ! to say bluntly, FRENCH AND ENGLISH were more like beggars and less like “majestic” colonizers ! THAT IS the history of SUGAR AND SPICES TOO ! here TAMILS CAME TO WORK IN THE SUGAR PLANTATIONS : :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LrMa69O9PW4
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