Midsummer night dream of those beautiful souvenirs

In all the Town of Pondicherry, we could see only few Ambassador cars here and there ; so the streets would be our playing ground and we did all kinds of enjoyable sports right on the street until 10 pm sometimes when we were in holidays ; my father would not scold me for playing , one thing good about him..
WHEN THERE is any festival in the near Murugan temple, we could hear the loudspeaker chanting LORD MURUGAN’s important “kanda shasti KAVASAM «during the kavadi festival». My childhood can no more be separated from that Murugan song which recalls sandal wood paste , vibuthi powder scent, incense scent , flowers and garlands , yagam etc and many beautiful girls one would compare to “paradise dusky fairies in pavadai thavani ” whose link i give here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cVmmNAIxX_o
RECITING “tamil chants or mantras on GANABATHY “SEETHAKALPAI CHENTHAMARAIPUM” at 5.30 OR 6 AM and taking bathe then applying coconut oil on head , taking idlis with chutney or dosai or uppuma or pongal etc and taking NARSUS coffee and going to school by rickshaw driven by a man who became our family friend. All this was my childhood, now how many go by rickshaw?
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