Dharma is God’s will that flows through everything. It is divine order that sustains the universe. For humans it is the way of goodness, truth and duty. As a youth, a big part of your dharma is to be a good student. It is your parents’ dharma to care for you. It is your teacher’s dharma to teach you. It is the dharma of the police to protect you. As you get older, your dharma will change. You will no longer be a student. You may become a parent. Then it will be your dharma to raise and support your family. Some people don’t follow their dharma.You have seen children neglect their studies and spend all their time playing. They don’t do their homework and refuse to pay attention in class. What happens? They will not learn and will not be prepared to handle the responsibilities of adulthood. It is everyone’s dharma to be honest, kind and religious, and to be a good citizen. Hindus believe that following dharma fulfills our highest purpose on Earth. Some say they feel good about misbehaving and not following dharma, like the youth who joins a gang and breaks the rules. But deep inside he feels guilty and knows he is on the wrong path. When you follow dharma, you feel good about yourself, and life is most rewarding. Aum.
Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami.

Excerpts from “Saivite Hindu Religion” Book Four.

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