The Biggest Threat to Our Nation is Not Pakistan but Pak Sympathisers in India!

India has long been a victim of many internal moles who have been responsible for riots, violence and maligning our country’s image in international platform. A section of people who call themselves intellects, liberals, seculars are actually serving international agencies whose main agenda is to destroy Indian economy, stop foreign investments and destabilize the federal structure of the country.

We very well know who these people are. The problems we see today is due to the constant neglect in curbing these lobbies which are working against India. This is not a small issue to be ignored.

After Uri attack we saw unprecedented emotions, anger in people of India and wanted to avenge the killings of our soldiers. But how many of you noticed that the Anti India lobby condemning the Pakistani or terrorists?? Did they support our army for once? Barkha Dutt went to the extent of implying that Uri attack was planned by own soldiers.  Who speaks this way?! These people who rant against India have no fear or respect to our LAW or COUNTRY!

Let’s face it, our country has no STRICT policy against any Anti National activities, otherwise do you think a person who shouted PAKISTAN ZINDABAD in the capital of India would still be roaming free delivering hate speeches, mocking our army, calling them rapists?

Will this man dare to show his heroism in any country like US,UK or France or even China??? They will be vanished without a trace! But in India we people do not care even when our country is attacked, all we care is politics…Right???

It’s not been 10 days since Uri attack took place and Bollywood plans to organise event for Pakistan artists. What sort of joke is this?! Many people argue “Not to target Artists, but target Terrorists”. Now let us be clear that we are not against any artists, but we are against the country they represent. Agree  that not all people in Pakistan support terror, but have these artists openly condemned killing of our soldiers? Have they once spoken against terrorism?

Pakistani cricketers made millions in India, have they once spoken against Pak terrorism?

Is there any meaning to have cultural ties with a country which doesn’t understand the language of peace? According to pseudo liberals Pak artists are being attacked because they are SOFT TARGETS! They want us to treat Pakistan artists with dignity since they help building friendship between India –Pakistan.

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