when a woman delegates her husband and children to extra family persons

when women work for the society, family the foundation of the society is neglected …first priority should be rearing children and then helping others in the society not at the cost of our own family..when a woman gets out, she comes tired and this makes her delegate the vital mission of nourishing her husband and children to the “chemical additives and conservative food makers”..The industrialists are the gainers and they will do everything so that the western model is shown as “freedom” while it is slavery of woman to “extrafamiliy” people who does not care about her as long as she works to pay the creche to keep her children reared by people for whom your children is equal to “i don’care of your nasty disorderly crying babies” conclusion ; woman delegates two vital missions ; nourishing the family , thereby helping the cunning hateful industrialist enter and take over her kitchen and then her children’s rearing by “i don’t care” creches. (However affectionate and attentive they may be  , a creche people are strangers only and  will never replace a mother)

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