Shocking ; MODIJI please show them the exit door and not invite them in your house like this ..they will never say” Christians, vote for this man”

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Supreme leader AladeenLike Page

K.P. Yohannan is the founder and president of Gospel for Asia,a large Christian missionary NGO with a focus on India and Asia. He is a pioneer and leading advocate for “national missionaries”, the formation of missionaries native to the nation the missionary is serving. He is the founder and Metropolitan Bishop of Believers Church, a large Christian church denomination in India. Yohannan is also an author of over 200 books on Christian living and missions, as well as a noted speaker and columnist.
Gospel for Asia would grow to become one of the largest evangelical Christian NGO and missionary organizations in the world. This is the snake whose paras I shared with you about pagan religion and Lucifer, I don’t expect Darpok Baniyas to like or share or search about it to verify, this information is for my faithfuls so that they should be aware of cunning people they are dealing with. They are no ordinary people, have tremendous influence inside And outside of country and are busying working to destroy this nation.. Faithfuls and those baniya (who like my post very must,but hesitate to like or share due to the fact that they would be associated with this page by just sharing it And would offend their secular friends, they are honest to confess this in messages) read about him on net… #SupremeFatwa

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