WHAT DO YOU THINK WHEN GURUMURTHY SAYS TAMIL NADU IS THE MOST HINDUIZED STATE IN INDIA WHERE PEOPLE ARE PATIENT WITH ATHEISTS BECAUSE THEY ARE SO SURE THAT NO ONE CAN TOUCH THEIR HINDUISM ; however bizarre it may sound, their bakthi and ferocious Hinduism addiction makes them apathetic and servile-minded , showing their back for anyone to climb and take a ride. Even when the atheists and Dravidian parties attack them and insult their Gods..they let the Dravidians harvest their karma ; but this apathy had become a social collective mental disorder and should be uprooted and cured lest they will be broken in to pieces…

When will this Tamil Hindu become more reactive to attacks FROM AbrahamIc crusaders   ??  NOW LET US READ THE ARTICLE FROM THE TIMES OF INDIA :

“I actually think TN is the most Hinduized state in the country . Almost a crore of people go to Sabarimala. A quarter million people go to Palani every month, thirty lakh go to Melmaruvathur.This is what de-dravidianized Ta mil Nadu. Hindu gods defeated Dravidianism. The psyche of Tamils is that they have more faith in gods than leaders. They see god in their leader, not leader as god.”
Gurumurthy faults the Dravidian parties and the general decline in values among professionals and civil servants for the recent raids on businessmen and the chief secretary of the state. “Rs 30 crore new notes were seized. This became public. No government could have avoided ordering raids.

Bank officials are in collusion.You cannot give more than `24,000 to anyone per week but you find Rs 30 crore in one place, in bundles without being opened. Obviously there is a huge conspiracy to smuggle this money out of cash chests of banks and exchange it with black money .


who is GURUMURTHY   ?

Stepping into Cho Ramaswa my’s shoes as Thuglak’s editor doesn’t daunt S Gurumurthy, though he does say that Cho was a gifted writer. “He wrote the entire script for his famous play `Unmai Urangum Neram’ in one night,” he says. Gurumurthy says very little in his life can be attributed to his free will and everything has been a happening, so is the ‘Thuglak’ editor role.

S Gurumurthy is that rare breed in public life in Tamil Nadu. Devoutly religious -when talking about a corrupt official he wonders what would be the punishment for all the bad karma he had earned -Gurumuthy, along with Cho and others, has steadfastly countered popular ideas including Dravidian ones. Proud of his RSS background, he says, “I may be biased because I take a point of view. But I will speak on the basis of facts”.

For long, he was among a microscopic minority of opinionmakers in the state. Yet, for his niche audience of middle-class enthusiasts and professionals, Gurumurthy is a rock star, a man who makes a powerful case against moral degeneration and for India’s culture and values.

Vigilant against monkey business, especially by politicians, Gurumurthy has called for a probe into J Jayalalithaa’s death. “Jayalalithaa was under the care of Sasikala Natarajan whom she threw out in 2011 along with her family members. It is they who after apologising and returning had her under their care for years. In that period her health declined steeply . How could the doctors or hospitals have treated her, particularly when she was critical? Those who would gain if she were not there were taking total care of her.It does call for a probe in public interest,” he adds.

With Tamil Nadu’s politics in a churn, it would appear that the time has come for his views to get bigger play . Gurumurthy sees fatigue among Tamils with Dravidian parties. “A polarised political situation has been guiding TN since 1972. Nobody else had any influence or decisive role. Now one pole, the AIADMK, has been affected. A large part of the AIADMK vote was anti-DMK vote. It got it from the Congress which declined and AIADMK prospered. BJP will grow if there is a meltdown in TN politics, which will soon happen,” he says.


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