TWO EPISODES OF CHRISTIANITY WENT not so well reported , publicised and researched ; Inquisition in GOA during Portuguese rule and anti-Hindu atrocities during French colonisation in PONDICHERY , my native place. IT is not that we lack historical evidence of that epoch; In, Pondicherry, a Tamil had written a book under French rule that describes in a painstakingly detailed manner how Hindus were tortured and humiliated / SHIVA temple desacralized and linga and other deities destroyed and churches erected at that place.

HERE is a link to the Tamil RANAGA PILLAI (his name is still given to a street in PONDICHERY)

Here is another link to the French institute : what shocks me is their cunning plundering of all herbs and patenting it as theirs because they research on plants used by SIDDHAR , shaiva rishis of south India who established a medicine as rich as AYURVEDA in the south called “SIDDHA MEDECINE” :

Here is the publication arm in FRANCE OF RESEARCH DONE IN INDIA ABOUT HINDU LITTERATURE IN TAMIL even North India (our own brothers) are not familiar but a white man knows more than our north Indian brothers about Tamil Hndu texts of antiquity where SHIVA is a basic God of THIRUVASAGAM etc :…/coll_publication_indolo…

IF YOU EXPLORE THE DIARY OF ANANDA RANGA PILLAI , you will be shocked to read so many atrocities committed against SHIVA TEMPLES : please spread awareness (originally in French , some body had translated in to English)

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