Govt to import Gir bull semen from Brazil

Govt to import Gir bull semen from Brazil

| TNN | Feb 10, 2016, 06.23 AM IST

The bulls whose semen are to be imported are descendants of those gifted to Brazil by the maharaja of Bhavnagar before Independence.The bulls whose semen are to be imported are descendants of those gifted to Brazil by the maharaja of Bhavnaga… Read More
Gandhinagar: The state government has decided to import from Brazil 10,000 doses of Gir bull semen as the cow population of this prestigious breed has declined in Gujarat.

Interestingly, the bulls whose semen are to be imported are descendants of those gifted to Brazil as a goodwill gesture by the maharaja of Bhavnagar before Independence.

Gir cows have long been the pride of Gujarat with their very high milk yield. The obsession with Jersey cows and indiscriminate breeding has led to the decline of Gir cow population in the state to nearly seven lakh out of the two crore milk-giving breeds.

Brazil, on the other hand, was careful to preserve the breed and now has a sizable population of Gir breed cows and bulls.

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This is what Tamilnadu should explore without endangering their local breed and running amok with their ” jallikattu ” mad dance.Malaikallan n

Mona Khandhar, secretary, the animal husbandry department, said, “Scientifically selected bull semen is being imported from Brazil for artificial insemination to increase the number of native breeds namely Gir and Kankrej. The government has also granted Rs 50 lakh for this project.” Ironically , the move has not gone down well with the state’s own Gau Seva Ayog (Cow Welfare Commission) that suspects Gir cows and bulls of Brazil may no longer be a pure breed.

Dr Vallabh Kathiriya, chairman, Gau Seva Ayog, claimed that Gujarat has enough good quality Gir bulls.”We have started giving a bull to every village panchayat in an effort to increase the number of Gir cows. There is no need to import semen from Brazil,” he said.

Other experts, however, believe that there is no risk in importing semen from Brazil.Dr K B Kathiriya, head of research department, Anand Agriculture University , said the chances of increasing the population of Gir breed cows through artificial insemination is close to 90%.

It is not only a fighter jet engine designed by class mates who fled Reservation-Extortion in India, that India imports!

“Shame on India .It is now importing its own Gir Bull’s semen from Brazil.

In brazil one Brahmin bull fetches 6 crore rupees.The best breed of cow in the world is zebu cattle was originally Bos indicus,that is originally from India .Though it produces less milk but it’s greater quality A2 milk which does not cause cancer, autism , allergy, diabetes as compared to European Taurine cattle.Now we are loosing this exclusive gene of our cows if we mate them with foreign bulls.

Now the world is realizing its importance. India is the oldest agricultural civilization in the world with the most fertile and arable land in the world. Throughout its long History we successfully sustained a large population whether animals or humans unlike any where in the world. Thats why all the invaders were attracted to India.You can’t eat or drink petro oil but a fertile land is the biggest asset.

Our ancestors have perfected the genes of our cattle and farming seeds .They were also aware of the importance of sterile strain of rice in rice cultivation which the modern agriculturist have only recently discovered.We have to protect the indigenous breeds of cattle and seeds from harmful GMO breeds for healthy life and fertile land. B’coz of GMO, Mosanto seeds, fertilizers etc our farmers are committing suicide they have to buy expensive GMO seeds from international market after making them kill their own local varieties. These indigenous breed of cattle are adapted to the harsh environment of the tropics. They have resistance to disease and tolerance of intense heat, sun, and humidity.When you import foreign breed they become prone to local disease and then antibiotics and other harmful medicines are used by breeders in order to retain them and retain the milk production which eventually gets into your milk .

Any thing produced en masse will be using artificial things for increase in production, storage , supply etc. Again there produce, manure is the best for sustaining Organic farming!Check out Zero budget farming introduced By Subhash Palekar which now many farmers are using in their organic farming” (Devika Vinod)


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