We have lived in Europe that’s why we can say that they are not worthy to be copied by you

We have lived in Europe that’s why we can say that they are not worthy to be copied by you
THOSE WHO HAVE LIVED IN EUROPE are aware of these additives that their daily industrial food contain ; but what to do ? all supermarkets sell only food with additives including CARREFOUR, AUCHAN, LIDL, LECLERC, JUMBO SCORE and LEADER PRICE . JUST ONE E450 is enough to make you fall prey to cancer then what is the chance of living in EUROPE without the help of artificial life-conservation method that their Pharmaceutical industry had invented so that you will die slowly after having made them richer ..not before …so when in India, you drank fresh milk , do you want to copy those Europeans who drink 9 month old milk in tetra pack ??
WHEN you send your servant to buy fresh vegetables, fishes , can you ever dream of eating fresh vegetables without artificial conservation here in EUROPE ? and you want to copy the Europeans ? DO YOU ,? now the people like me who had already lived in EUROPE attest here solemnly that living in INDIA was 1000 times better …now INDIA also is becoming like EUROPE AND now we are really disappointed to see the INDIANS wanting to eat 9 month old food stuffed with additives that I request you to read carefully and google to know the effect of each additive on your health but the list is really long so take your own time to do your research …so that you may never ever dream of copying the white western model..
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