In a Democracy, An elected body has to fulfill its promises as per its Manifesto..!

People have voted and opted for the manifesto and it is deemed to be acceptable to all, once the results are declared and accepted by all…!

But, once the elected body starts implementing the manifesto, if the opponents go to court and get it banned, then, where is democracy ?

Doesn’t it mean undermining of Democracy ? Doesn’t it mean countering democracy through Judiciary..?

How can a single Judge or few Judges counter the whole Democratic rights of billions of voters ?

Media, Judiciary and Protests seem to be the combination to counter Democracy…and is being deployed by the NWO wherever their objectives for World Chrishitian Governance through destruction of non chrishitian cultures through terrorism/ conversions are not favoured by any Govt..!

Judiciary should only be supportive to Governance and should not counter Governance or take over a Governance..!

While the Manifesto was not banned by Judiciary, why should its implementation be banned ?

If opposition cannot counter the Manifesto Democratically, why should Judiciary help them counter it after losing in elections..!


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