How can we redefine the notion of development ; if development means , you should fill your lungs with dust , I say no ; if it is to cough your throats out, I say no; IF it is to sweat our way through polluted roads , I say no ; if it is to eat GMO and other pesticide charged food, I say no ; If it is to sacrifice, purity of ground water, (use of washing powder, soap etc seeping through their way to mix with the underground water) or water we drink (municipality with no automated computerized waste treatment plants let alone swimming pools as in France where people ‘s right to swim is almost constitutional ; every little town ‘s municipality has its own waste filtering and treatment plant and swimming pools etc) if it is to sacrifice purity of air, I say no .If it is to die before 50 or 60, no body will say “yes” ..

If the WTO compels India to be  a banana republic doing the white man’s dirty job, I say “no”.

BUT if we choose to develop intelligently AS IN LADAKH, the only Indian state to go organic, then I say “YES”.

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