Psychology Of Reality: First Principle

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Psychology Of Reality: First Principle

Reality mirrors. The way you cognize yourself the way you cognize the world matters because the reality mirrors. What hurts you inside hurts others outside. What hurts others outside hurts you inside.

The more you push all your problems under the carpet, the more you are pushing yourself under the carpet. The man who is not bothered about others’ problems is losing his quality of reality. He is losing out on perceiving, enjoying, entertaining, and experiencing reality.

Life is all about more and more enjoying with reality, experiencing with reality, interaction with reality

Life is not just assumption of body and destruction of the body. It is involving with reality, enjoying with reality, celebrating reality and becoming one with reality.

This is the basic truth Upanishads teach us.

Life is not assuming the body you have or dropping the body you have. It is the amount of involvement, engagement, enjoyment, and entertainment you experience with reality.

Listen the way you cognize you life and reality, matters even for very basic existence. Survival has nothing to do with existing but if you don’t exist, even if you survive its of no use. When you exist, even if you don’t survive you’ll create another body.

All survival instinct should be secondary. Existential cognition should be primary.

Paramahamsa Nithyananda
Living Sadashivoham Process,
Bengaluru Aadheenam, 19 February 2017

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