We need to “re-cadre” (re-arrange) the TAMIL NARRATIVE which had slipped out of it’s original Hindu frame.

We need to “re-cadre” (re-arrange) the TAMIL GRAND NARRATIVE which had slipped out of frame as a disc out of the backbone.  This explains why TAMIL PEOPLE now has to walk with a broken back like an old man.

TAMIL NARRATIVE should be searched to it’s shaiva Hindu roots not imported getting inputs from foreign white man missionary paid sources with fake divisive theories like ARYAN/DRAVIDAN or BRAHMIN/DALIT etc. These theories are now clearly shattered to pieces by modern genetic scientific proofs that established beyond doubt that our roots are from inside “swayambu” not planted from outside..

TAMIL NARRATIVE can be only brought back alive by searching in the silence of “soul searching”  it in it’s Hindu shaiva siddhanta roots not searching for it in the visible world of “loud ideas” shouted at you by a missionary  paid goons. (DMK PERIYAR SLAVES OF THE WHITE MISSIONARY)

We have a “grand National narrative” as India and “regional grand narrative” for each state.

What is the objective of a “grand narrative»? It helps the people to identify themselves with the land and feel connected with it as an interlinked group of people with a common shared feeling of affection for that land…

While the former was rewritten by WHITE AND MUGHALS painting a brilliant image of the conquerors vis-à-vis the conquered with devastating “identity crisis” affecting the whole BHARATH now, we also have regional grand narrative disastrous enough to kill in the bud the burgeoning pride in Hindu way of life…

concerning TAMIL NADU : what happened was the hijacking of Tamil identity by a group of people (recruited secretly by British with the creation of “justice party”  and then mission is passed on to local sepoys now)  based on a fake “dravidian-dalit” identity as the best versus brahmin and Hindu , plucking out carefully and systematically and totally whatever we could have inherited from our forefathers and  replacing it with foreign agent’s views deforming that narrative so that Tamil cannot but identity himself with a “foreign-coined identity”  not reflecting the original source from where he came.

This is the greatest TREACHEROUS ACT forced upon the TAMILS …with the result WE KNOW AND it needs to be urgently corrected:   the actual identity of TAMILS should be rewritten by SHAIVA HINDU TAMILS AND RE INJECTION OF THE SHAIVA SIDDHANTA again in that narrative with the help of satsangis and acharyas.

We should re-arrange this new Hindu identity so that it replaces whatever fake ones fabricated by missionary supported groups..

That day will be the real day of Independence and freedom from stuffed thoughts from outside that makes us think in the way our manipulators want us to think.

Freedom from this “thought prison” as per the plan of “ABRAHMIC” strategy will be our “real freedom”.

We should reclaim the shaiva hindu identity and fit that to the TAMIL psyché..

“A delicate intellectual and strategic brainstorming should conceive a plan to execute this noble idea”

For that to happen, we need MODIJI ‘s help to make one million “shaiva siddhanta” teachers and spread Hinduism which was in its’ glory in TAMIL NADU when her KINGS nurtured it with great care and the people loved that art of living with unparalleled “bakthi” .

Taking proud in shaiva siddhanta roots alone can save our identity crisis.

CONCLUSION :  What we think of 1) our country 2) our family 3) ourselves governs totally our life. if we think low of ourselves and have no pride for the place or the family in which we are born and if we lack self-esteem and self-respect, we will have “nothing” or “void” to identify with and will have to face an identity crisis…that’s why nurturing the plant of nation, family and ourselves with the invisible water of “love and pride” helps the growth of these three parts of us. That’s why foreign powers want us to detest our own heritage so that they may sell us their declining religion which no more sells and attracts less ans less people in the West (churches in western countries are empty with less than ten people and some of them are on sale this inspite of massive fingernail, political and other kind of input from their governments) that is their “abrahmic religion”.)..In one word, never allow others to break the link with your country, heritage and family and resist and fight that “forcible thrust of Macaluay IDEA” to make us feel ashamed of our own country and it’s eternal dharmic heritage.


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