Maria Wirth about how the term religion applies to Hinduism

Maria Wirth

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i tried to bring some clarity into the confusion about religion and whether Hinduism is a religion. i posted it this morning on Quora and hope it survives there….
i paste it here, as it is short:

Is Hinduism a religion?
Whether Hinduism is a religion depends on how religion is defined. Most people probably would say that religion is:
– about believing in an invisible Supreme Being, which is the cause of our existence,
– about methods and rituals to worship it,
– about living according to its laws or will.

In this case, Hinduism is definitely a religion. In fact, it is the Mother of all religions, because the Vedas had postulated already in very ancient times the existence of such a Supreme Being. They called it Brahman (from big, expanding) and declared it cannot be imagined by the human mind, but the best description is Sat-Chit-Ananda (means, it is true, knows itself and is blissful). It is all-pervading and therefore the essence (Latin: esse = to be) of everything, including us.

So why does the question arise whether Hinduism is a religion?

To discover this, we need to look at those religions where nobody has a doubt that these are religions. The term ‘religion’ was first used for the Catholic Church and later for Islam, too, and nobody has a doubt that these two are the main religions in today’s world.

These two religions also are about the 3 points I mentioned above. Yet there are significant differences.

The Supreme Being (called God or Allah respectively) of these 2 religions is not the essence in all, but is a separate entity which has certain personal traits. One most important trait is that it is jealous of other gods and wants the whole of humanity to worship only Him (yes, the Supreme is clearly imagined as male). Both religions give out a dire warning: those who do not accept this truth will burn eternally in hell.

How do these religions know that this is the truth? Because they claim that the Supreme Being himself has revealed this truth to one person (in the case of Christianity to Jesus Christ some 2000 years ago and in the case of Islam to Prophet Mohammed some 1400 years ago).

Here is where another definition of religion comes in. It is often said that religion is a “belief-system”. It needs blind, unverifiable belief in what the ‘founder’ of the religion has said and which is written down in a book.

Here Hinduism is clearly not a religion. Hinduism does not require blind belief. On the contrary, an open enquiry and an inner exploration into the truth, especially into the truth of one’s own being, is necessary to discover the divine essence in oneself, to discover that Atman (one’s own consciousness) is indeed Brahman, as the Vedas proclaim.

So is Hinduism a religion? It depends which definition is more true for the term religion.

We can find out when we look at the meaning of religion. Religare (Latin) means to bind. Bind to whom or to what? If we look at history, the Church (for which religion was first used) was very adamant that those followers which it had gained through (often forced) baptism must never leave the Church. Christianity also had strict blasphemy laws with terrible punishment, like Islam even has today. So it can be safely assumed that religion meant to bind its followers to the doctrine of the respective religion. The followers must ‘religiously’ stick to the doctrine.

So strictly speaking, Hinduism is not a religion.

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