Your breathing pattern is your Life…

Your breathing pattern is your Life…
The breathing happening inside you changes every moment based on the thought current going inside you. The breathing pattern does not lie.

Have you wondered what your breath has to do with stress?
The human body being like a desert filled with sand.
Any air movement which happens in the body is similar to the air movement in the desert, where the dust is lifted and the air becomes dusty, full of sand.

The ordinary body is filled with so many thought trends or what refers to as “bio-memory” that breathing by its very nature awakens too many thoughts and makes a person restless and stressed.

The breath is therefore a stimulator and an indicator of the activity of the mind.

Have you ever experienced high stress and a quiet mind together?
It just does not happen.

Very simply, more thoughts equals more mind activity, equals more stress.
Less thoughts equals less mind activity, equals less stress.
The length, breadth, and depth of the breath correspond directly to the number of thoughts experienced.

The nature of the mind is to wander from one thought to the next.
The mind oscillates between thoughts from the past or the future, bringing with it immense stress due to regrets from the past or anxiety about what the future is going to be. This oscillation is what causes stress and keeps us tired and distanced from feeling fulfilled now.

The breath is affected by every emotion as well.
It shortens, or lengthens, becomes shallower or deeper automatically as emotions arise.

Knowing this, we can play with the breath to shift the emotions, release emotions, reduce mind activity and even generate peace and tranquility.

With long slow deep breaths, the number of thoughts is reduced. And the mind experiences rest.

If you can observe what your breathing pattern is like when you are feeling relaxed, blissful and at one with everything, you can consciously breathe in that pattern when you are disturbed to bring yourself back to the same blissful state. – THE AVATAR HIS HOLINESS PARAMAHAMSA NITHYANANDA

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