what people want NOW from MODIJI ?

Loving the results coming out of UP and Uttarakhand. BJP is sweeping the states. Electorate has emphatically endorsed Modi’s demonetization and development initiatives. The corrupt and the supporters of the corrupt opposed demonetization but the electorate has spoken in a voice. This is an emphatic endorsement of Hindutva. Now Modi should ensure that Hindutva policies are swiftly implemented and leftist politics is severely curbed. That is what the people want.

I am glad that the AAP is losing in Punjab. SAD was hugely unpopular but people have begun seeing through the smokescreen and have seen Kejriwal’s true face. I expect it to be downhill from now on for that foreign stooge and traitor who blockaded the Koodankulum nuclear plant.

Manipur is another place where the BJP is leading. This is another place where the leftist-Christian combine with the covert funding and backing of hostile foreign agencies have been propping up diseased politicians to stoke anti-India passions. However, the people of Manipur have clearly rejected such anti-national initiatives and have endorsed Modi’s Hindutva. The government should now empower the army there and crackdown on Christian outfits and NGOs which are laying waste to Manipur.

What does all of this mean? It means that the electorate endorses strong leaders like Modi and Trump and expects them to enforce hard line policies. It expects them not to make the slightest concession to detractors. In contrast, those who continued the Nehru-Gandhi legacy of communal politics of trying to gain by polarizing the electorate on the basis of religion and caste have bitten the dust.

The next phase of Modi rule should be an open celebration and implementation of Hindu/Sikh/Buddhist/Jaina/tribal social, cultural, and economic policies. He should work toward severely curbing leftist and secular expressions. This is what the people want. Nobody ever wanted secular laws but it was forced upon the Indians by a Nehru who was voted to power by just 1% of the electorate and propped up by the white colonial masters. Modi has to get rid of those.13256445_10153746288053473_7323879220728116632_n

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