Will Indian foreign Ministry take adequate steps to curb heavy funding by American Evangelicals in NEPAL to instigate anti-India feeling ?

The Maoists in Nepal are heavily funded by American Evangelicals
An American academic friend who has a deep familiarity with Nepal says that this is not a spontaneous uprising. He added:
The Maoists in Nepal are heavily funded by American Evangelicals, Soros, and the establishment. The aim is to stoke a very strong anti-India sentiment among the Nepalis so that it can be converted first into resentment against the Indian Hindus (especially with Hindutva in power) and then be used as the plank for large scale proselytizing to Christianity. There are more than 200 doctoral students and 25 young journalists who specialize on Nepal in sociology and related subjects. Expect a large scale literature to aid prosyletizing in the next 10 years. There are also more than 300 NGOs, all leftist and Christian, funded by the same sources which have become very active and taken deep roots in Nepal in the last 10 years. They use violence and intimidation on a regular basis to achieve their ends.
My friend doesn’t believe that the Nepali folks are even close to realizing this. One could notice that everything he has said is a direct echo of what we see in India.
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