who is really SHIVA ?



While all others were giving human limitations and identifying God as someone born in a specific region of the earth and while they were linking God to a specific geography, a specific history and binding Him to worldly events, we , Hindus, saw in God a space less, timeless, cosmic independent intelligence which is the source of consciousness and which is present in the nook and corner of this universe.

Because of this ALMIGHTY’s power, life exists and can cease if that power decides so.

Before man came on earth, SHIVA was already there and will be there after this earth is disintegrated in to atomic particles.

What Hindu RISHIS did?

They simply identified this power and gave it a name by calling it SHIVA; they represented this power in the form of SHIVA with attributes clearly explaining how a formless SHIVA manifests himself through thousand forms. This symbolic representation is akin to what a Mathematician would translate an abstract idea in formulas.

So, what did the Hindu do that others have not done in an original way?

This identification of the cosmic power, naming it, representing it symbolically, sculpting it with attributes so that an abstract invisible idea could be made visible for human eyes and could be grasped even by the less capable minds, this is what Hindus did and others are not even capable of understanding the subtle symbolic value hidden in a statue because their mind stopped to the external visible image and cannot go beyond that level.

What some “blocked” mind cannot even imagine our Hindu ancestors grasped and called it “SHIVA”.

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