“It is dishonest and dumb to claim that Gandhi-Nehru were NOT traitors (or deny that at least they were misguided patriots) to India’s cause as they were never imprisoned in the Andaman prison (like Savarkar was incarcerated) for participating in the freedom movement to evict the British from India.”

“It is dishonest and dumb to claim that Nehru was NOT a traitor (or at least a misguided patriot) to India’s cause as he refused to intervene with arms to evict the Portuguese from Goa (and connived with the Portuguese to let them off the hook when they butchered the RSS volunteers that had participated in that freedom movement and sacrificed lives to the Portuguese-Christian bullets.”

“It is dishonest and dumb to deny that Gandhi-Nehru were the original Ahmad Chalabis because they were installed in power with less than 1% Indian voter support by the British lords and in return they refused to even demand reparation from the British for the Bengal genocide of 4 million Indians.”

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