The new Kepis Blanc:”This is not Syrian govt job this is British job – maybe even US is complicit.

The new Kepis Blanc:

“This is not Syrian govt job this is British job – maybe even US is complicit.


1) Who reported this ?
White Helmets.

2) Who are White Helmets ?
British intelligence outfit to embed Syrian terrorists with a humanitarian face – ultimate job is create images for media to force public perception for regime change

3) Are images being shared in main stream media ?
Oh yes, the regime change agenda is working overtime.

4) How is Russian govt responding – after all it supports the Syrian govt ?
Russia has been warned – St Petersburg attack was a work done by British / US intelligence

To top it, George Clooney is being funded to make a movie for us – show benign face of White Helmets. In reality they are mercenaries and may have just killed over 150 people to push the agenda of Oust Assad regime.

The UK / US are interested in Qatari and Saudi oil and gas to flow to Europe where the oil pipe contracts are to be given to ex CIA contractors. So what’s Syria got to do with this ?

Geographically the oil pipelines have to pass through Syria and specifically through Aleppo. And as long as Assad regime lasts – the US/ UK cannot do this. Hence ISIS was in charge of Aleppo – to oversee this but they were ousted by Russia – Iran – Syria. Hence, the next hatchet job by White Helmets.

They know. – all it takes for liberals is to see pics of kids in masks and death to shout – “Assad out”. While Assad may not be a paragon of virtue, neither are White Helmets and its backers !!

Make no mistake : The French – US – U.K. are oilmen dressed as politicians. They are all in it for the spoils. Look at the newspaper – THE GULF NEWS.

What is at stake ? The stake is multi billion dollar oil and gas pipelines from Saudi and Qatar.

To: Europe
Through : SYRIA, specifically the city of Aleppo

Who controls these areas ? Today – Russia, Iran and Syria
Can UK, France, US build the pipeline today – NO.
So what needs to be done ? : REGIME CHANGE.

Tactics 1 failed : Saudi, Qatar funded ISIS (remember – these are the same countries who have oil and gas to export to Europe) was in control of Aleppo and they were dividing up Syria for the sake of oil and gas pipeline. Remember how US weapons found its way to ISIS. Anyway – Russia came and ended this.

Now what ?

Chemical gas story – made by WHITE HELMETS – maybe they even perpetrated this. Small price to pay (is how the oilmen will calculate) few children dead – all for regime change so US – UK – France get oil and gas contracts.

And Russia – well it was warned – the bombing of St Petersburg – do you think it was coincidence ?
What will be Russia’s response ?”
(Anjan Sengupta)
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