English will be introduced in UP govt schools from Nursery

Based on what Yogi Adityanath ji says (quoted below), I agree with everything except the Foreign language introduction idea. English is already a foreign language we learn, and going by numbers, most Indians generally settle in English speaking countries, such as USA, Canada, UK, Australia, NZ, Trinidad, Guyana, South Africa, Singapore, Saudi, UAE, Kuwait, Oman. Even more important than the diaspora argument, English is used as a link language to connect disparate regions of the world in our globalized scheme, and conduct business / official affairs/ Education even in India. If other countries don’t want to ‘condescend’ to learning English, I totally understand that, but why should Indians have to learn their language in schools for the tiny fraction of those settling in say, Japan, or Germany, even as an option? The reason some of these countries are not fluent in English is due to the justifiably weighted attention they give to their own languages, meaning, they are proud of their own languages. Doesn’t this tell us something?

When Westerners go to Japan to conduct business, they need to know at least some basic Japanese expressions, and Japanese customs/etiquette. Likewise for China. But what happens when foreigners come to India to do business? We transact in their language and mimic their customs and etiquette.

Given our colonial mentality of doing salaam to anything ‘phoren’, I can say from first hand experience that in my graduating class from school in Mumbai, India, between French and Sanskrit being offered as an option, 99 percent chose French. I can also tell you, ZERO percent settled in France thereafter. The tiny few who genuinely have such aspirations can take coaching classes /tuitions. Why burden the entire public education system for it and add to the existing inferiority complex Indians have about their own languages? As it is, people are losing touch with their Mother Tongues. Studying English is more than enough to give us a competitive advantage around the globe. No need to add additional ones. Om 🙂
Quote: “English will be introduced in UP govt schools from Nursery. There is no point in today’s world for students to wait till class 6 to get familiarised with English. Sanskrit will be introduced from Class 3.

After class 10, a foreign language like German or Japanese will be introduced as an option so that students willing to go abroad don’t have to take extra language courses.”

~ Yogi Adityanath.

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