Love vs Attachment – In the context of Gita

Love vs Attachment – In the context of Gita

Notes prepared by Nirmala ji (based on swAmi omkArAnanda ji’s pravachans)
Arjuna is unable to imagine a life without his relatives. The war has not yet started. In fact, it is yet to begin. At the end of the war, Arjuna has to lose several people. Arjuna has Bhishma and Drona particularly in his mind. He is unable to think of a life in their absence. We have to understand the subtle difference between love and attachment. Love accepts all pains that one has to undergo in life. Without complaining, love is accepting the laws of nature. Attachment is something which we develop on someone who gives us joy. We are unable to let go of them. Arjuna is deeply attached to Bhishma and Drona.

Attachment gets converted to grief and fear of losing them. Love is knowledge based. Attachment is emotion based. Love is unconditional. Attachment is conditional. Love has no expectations. Attachment is full of expectations. Love is free of psychological problems. Attachment creates psychological problems. Love is divine. Attachment creates animal instincts. Love accepts situations as they unfold. Attachment does not accept natural phenomena or situations. Love gives you freedom. Attachment binds you. We have to think about love and attachment in our lives.

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