How India Can Reclaim Its Ancient Position Of An Undisputed Global Superpower?

How India Can Reclaim Its Ancient Position Of An Undisputed Global Superpower? Published June 3, 2017 SOURCE: Arush Singh/ FOR MY TAKE / IDRW.ORG India had the largest economy of the ancient and medieval world way ahead of any other country in the world. From surgeons to scientists, economists to scholars in all the fields we were the world leaders and shared more importance than the USA in the present world. Things changed as time passed, prosperity turned into poverty and we suffered. But these days, things are changing. India is reclaiming its ancient position. Most of you are aware of the fact that India is the fastest growing major economy in the world and India will be the second-largest economy by 2050s but we don’t realise that even in 2050 we will be half the size of Chinese economy if things progress in a linear fashion. This linear fashion can also make things worse if we don’t realise our duties towards the country. In order to change this dangerous linear fashion, we have to do something out of the box. And our first step in this field should be to have a mighty force which can protect our interests so that our development stays on the right track. Ancient India excelled in all fields but we must understand that the reason for that to some extent was a strong force both at the border and the countryside which integrated all the sections of the society into an unbroken chain. No doubt, presently we are one of the biggest defence spenders in the world and we have a force to reckon with but one must admit the fact that the forces need a revolutionary modernization. Our present government is doing what they can with the limited defence budget to guard our borders against terrorists, to protect our interests and to make sure that no one in the world can challenge our sovereignty again. But what are we the people doing for our forces? We just read an article, comment on the grave conditions and forget everything in a week. Is this our duty towards those who guard our borders day and night? I don’t think so. We can’t blame the Present government (like as we did earlier), it’s the best we can have but still, our forces are suffering from problems due to lack of funds. No doubt social media is very important. It allows us to share our views with the world but sharing our views and doing chit chat is not our only duty. If the government is finding it difficult to meet all the requirements of the armed forces we should assist them. Otherwise, critical projects will be delayed and Forces will suffer from a problem. Indian Air force is suffering from depleting squadron strength. Indian Navy needs more carrier-borne fighters, MCMVs, Submarines and so on. Indian Army too is having a long list of requirements. The government is trying its best but why not we citizens support those who save our lives by staying day and night on the borders Though it sounds childish by this article, I appeal for the creation of a new separate channel by which we can directly contribute what we can for increasing the Capital Acquisition Funds of our forces. Whether it will be an NGO, a government initiative or anything else I don’t care about that. But what I know is that we are more than 100 billion strong people. From the poorest to the richest, from the most corrupted to the most honest all of us have a feeling of respect towards the forces and we can bring a change. By contributing even 100 rupees per month (on an average) our only one year, we can sort out all the problems with our forces. I know it sounds crazy and is practically very difficult but rather than criticising the situations if we can do something which can bring a change, certainly we should do it. It will be the true national service. Lastly, I want to say that the forces are not only tools of power projection they are social integrators and global guardians of all the Indians. And if our PM, a powerful speaker, appeals to the citizens that to make India an undisputed superpower in future we need further assistance from all its citizens then I believe that billions of us will come in support and help Indian Armed Forces reach new heights. . Read more at India No 1 Defence News Website .

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