Tamil’s veera kadavul (GOD OF SHATRYAS) Madurai veeran in a song is said to be born in KASI (Varanasi) that place is decribed as a highly spiritual place in an ancient poojari song about MADURAI VEERA SWAMY. Connection between north and south was strong even when transport system was not at it’s full potential . In “marimman thalattu” , a song about goddess MARIAMMAN,the village Goddess of TAMILS, they mention about MARIAMMAN or Kali ‘s arms (your vembu is born in VIJAYANAGAR PATTINAM, Your “soolam” is born in another place, your “algau” is born in “AYODHI nagar pattinam” ; Your “udukkai” is born in UTTRATCHA poomi ” etc every arm or instrument or jewel attributed to MARIAMMAN considered to be KALI …originated from each part of BHARAT all over India from North to South. Great poet KAMBAN also took the whole “RAMAYANA” and gave to his people a TAMIL version of this “kaviya”. The interpenetration of North and South in Tamil literature is too visible to be ignored even by a blind.

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