Person arrested for sedition , his immediate family SHOULD DIE A SLOW social, financial, professional death and loose all rights.

Anindo K Chatterjee The cost of indulging in such acts will have to be crushing on the perpetrators, their fathers and/or sons & daughters as well as grandchildren

1. The family will have to forego their rights to healthcare, education, jobs, land, property and insurance.

2. Their passports and Adhaar cards will be marked as ‘supporters of terror’ thereby rendering them incapable of traveling outside the country or opening bank accounts, availing govt. benefits, etc.

3. Renting houses or offices or starting businesses should be made impossible for the immediate family members

4. All bank accounts and properties owned by the families should be seized immediately upon conviction to pay for damages caused by their acts.

These bastards must learn the hard way that their mindless acts will not only cost them, but their families heavily.

No need to revoke citizenship. Punishment within the ambit of citizenship can be made crippling enough.


Ravi Pardeshi

Absolutely yes… all their assets must be seized and ship them out of our borders. Lets load a Truck full of Terrorists family members and see if Pakistan accepts them at Wagah. If they do then it would be proven beyond reasonable doubt that they are supporters of terrorism and if they dont then it will be a tight slap on all the people in our country who think Pakistan to be their abbujan.


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