It is not because 1 million people go blindly after an idea that it is a valid idea !

I met a like minded STAUNCH TAMIL Hindu today evening and we discussed for 1 hour non stop ; fantastic some of the ideas are here as follows :
it is not because 1 million people go after an idea that it is a valid idea ; what is inside that is invisible value is far more greater than what is outside for our eyes to see ; if the divine spark of light could speak, it will weep and lament that all these foolish men kept it inside the prison-like -body and wasted its’ light all life ! they spent their life without appreciating its qualities. Most of the Tamils have been brainwashed to go after the western materialistic church induced culture but what the world needs is our “dharmic heritage” ; if you take “Hindu culture” out of Tamil culture, what will remain is zero . Same as the idea of INDIA, if you extract Hindu essence from the whole INDIA IDEA FRUIT, what will remain is waste . Contrary to what one may assume, Hinduism roots go deeply in TAMIL NADU ; all great Tamil literature are but Hindu literature and they are intertwined and world’s greatest fool is he who says that TAMIL is not HINDU …as if the latter can exist separately, autonomously, independently of Hindu sanatana dhrama ..THAT TAMIL emperor RAJA RAJA CHOZA had spreaded up to ANKOR VAT IN CAMBODIA OR BALI AND INDONESIA and that the TAMIL MERCHANTs carried in their hearts and planted even in foreign lands up to Egypt .and now our MODI NAMED A NAVAL BASE after RAJA RAJA CHOLA in MP.
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