Leftists and Nehruvians are upset that President Kovind did’t mention· Nehru in his speech· . They’re even more upset that Kovind mentioned the contributions of Deendayal Upadhyaya .

have· admired Nehru for some of his contributions . He showed the vision·to found institutions of research· and higher education· . However , he was also a misguided patriot· and an unmitigated disaster· as India’s PM . He is the only PM who earned the sobriquet “useful idiot” from the Chinese premier· . He also lacked energy· . In 1961 , he went on an official· tour· of the USA and was barely able to hold· a conversation· with JFK , who described the visit· as a a disaster· and the worst head-of-state visit· he ever had . Nehru was servile toward the white· man· . He was ruthlessly manipulated by the likes of Blackett and Galbraith . In 1962 , Indian generals urged Nehru to authorize· strafing the Chinese forces and turn· defeat· into victory· . Nehru panicked and refused . That incident· showcased his innate·cowardice and inability to rise· above white· man’s diktats . In many ways , that is understandable given that Nehru was white· colonial· masters’ creation· . He was the last· parting shot· the British delivered to India . Nehru and Gandhi institutionalized communal politics .

Nehru simply lacked vision· or the ability· to comprehend· anything complex . The white· colonial· masters wanted him to turn· India into a secular state· . The “useful idiot” was not bothered that none of the European states was secular . America was just namesake secular . They were dumping a racist ideology· , which they wouldn’t have· in their own countries , upon India . Nehru bought the dump with pride· and wore it as a badge of honor· . Neither Gandhi nor Nehru ever demanded reparation· from the British for almost three· centuries of colonial· subjugation· . The duo’s ideology· was a slave’s ideology· .

In contrast , Upadhyaya articulated a great· vision· rooted in Hindu thoughts . In his vision· , an individual should rise· above self· and family and strive for the well-being of all of humanity . I am glad that Kovind invoked Upadhyaya when India is reclaiming herself under Modi .

I am looking forward to the day when a president or PM would proudly recognize· all other great· and selfless· patriots and not let· the Gandhi-Nehru duo· undeservedly hog the limelight· . Their list· is long· and I am only listing a sample: Madan Lal Dhingra , Netaji Bose , Subramania Bharati , Vanchinathan , Bhagat Singh , and Nathuram Godse .

Some of you may flinch· at the mention· of Nathuram Godse . That is only because you’ve been conditioned by Congress-West propaganda . Godse was a great· patriot· and a selfless· man· . He strove for the equality of all Hindus . As a young· idealist , he fought against untouchability . While Gandhi and Nehru turned a blind eye to the widespread massacre· and rape of Hindus (e . g . , Noakhali , Punjab) with the base· intent· of appeasing the Muslims , Godse spoke for the victims . He was there in Noakhali to provide·relief· . He was there to kill· the man· who had brought untold suffering upon Hindu and Sikh brothers and sisters of what would become· Pakistan .

An intrepid· and deeply philosophical Godse delivered a memorable speech·during his trial· . Justice Khosla , who had presided over the trial· , had no doubt· that had the public been the jury , Godse would’ve been acquitted . The Hindu and Sikh refugee women , who had experienced rape and murder· of kith and kin· , expressed their solidarity with Godse . He had stood for them . The same refugees had nothing but contempt· for the Gandhi-Nehru duo· .

It is a travesty· that in India a patriotic man· who had won the gratitude of millions of refugees is being vilified wheres the architects of communal politics are eulogized . Kovind’s speech· is the beginning . It is not the end·

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